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High-risk businesses payments processing

November 6, 2020

One of our specialties is High-risk payment processing. We serve high-risk merchant companies with the help of international banking partners and a wide range of opportunities for establishment of offshore systems. Today we are service providers for almost any high-risk business.

Our company offers high-risk payment gateway to high-risk businesses in the following areas of activity:

  • Payment transactions with cryptocurrencies
  • Sales of pharmaceutical products
  • Payments on sites providing “adult” content, porn sites and erotic chats
  • Gambling payments, casinos, auctions and more
  • Hotel reservations, buying tours in agencies, pawnshop services, etc.

Any processing center within any state defines accepting high-risk payments through credit cards as one of the most difficult tasks. The main obstacle to processing high-risk payments is the problem of handling complaints from end customers that go to the bank. However, no matter how complicated it is, the turnover of this industry has increased so much that servicing such companies has become one of the largest banking industries. For example, not so long ago an offshore scheme with a legal entity in offshore, offshore processing and a bank in which a high risk offshore merchant account is opened has become popular.

Banking solutions for high risk online payments

Some banks have a part inside VISA branches located in the region, which makes it possible for the bank to close the ID on time. Other banks have large turnovers in the LOWRISK segment, due to which they can dilute payments with high risks so much that they manage to pass through the MasterCard and VISA system filters.

Some banking structures in Eastern Europe have merged to such an extent with the apparatus of state power that they simply allow themselves to ignore court orders, and when the functionaries of card regulators are involved, sufficient “gifts” are used so that inspectors can also share with their entire top.

Recently, Chinese banking institutions have begun to work with the online acquiring segment for high-risk businesses. However, today, servicing high-risk payment transactions in China is much more expensive, and in terms of quality, it is much worse.

Aggregation of card payments

Our company has established many partnerships with various processing centers, which allows us to accept high-risk payments of any direction. Our partners perform aggregation of payments, legal cover, and dilution of chargebacks for any online business. We are ready to deal with payment transactions for antivirus products, pharmaceuticals, payments related to the gambling industry and many others.

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