Eternity Law International News The procedure for obtaining a citizenship

The procedure for obtaining a citizenship

January 24, 2020

The procedure for obtaining citizenship.

Many people who are interested in Ukrainian citizenship should be aware that this factor is regulated by:

  1. The Constitution of Ukraine;
  2. The Law “On Citizenship of Ukraine”.

Do you want to become Ukrainian? You must study the registration procedure. Read the “Procedure for Proceedings on Applications and Representations on Citizenship Issues and Enforcement of Decisions”. The President approved this document on March 27, 2001.

It happens when a foreigner wants to become a Ukrainian, it is exclusively his initiative. The following are eligible to apply:

  1. Stateless persons;
  2. Foreigners.

If a foreigner who is a citizen of his country wants to become a Ukrainian, there is one condition. He must renounce his native citizenship. This must be done within two years from the day he was registered as a Ukrainian.

In order to become citizens of Ukraine, foreigners or stateless persons must write an application and be sure to indicate:

  1. date of compilation;
  2. applicant’s signature.

Further, the person must personally submit the application and the necessary papers. If this concerns a child, then instead of him a package of documents can be submitted:

  1. one of the parents;
  2. local representative.

Older children – from fourteen to eighteen – must give consent in order to become a citizen or citizen of Ukraine. And in writing.

If minors are married, they can submit an application and the necessary documents for Ukrainian citizenship in person, because they have full legal capacity.

The trustee can sign the application in the following cases:

  1. the applicant is illiterate;
  2. the applicant has physical disabilities.

In addition, some compelling circumstances may arise. For example, a serious illness, natural disaster. Then the papers are submitted by a trusted person or they can be sent by mail. An official guardian applies for incapacitated persons.

Foreigners who have become citizens of Ukraine are issued temporary certificates. The passport will be received after they cease to be citizens of their country or provide a declaration where they renounce citizenship.

The specialists of Eternity Law International will help if you need to draw up documents in order to become a citizen of Ukraine. Provide support for the entire registration procedure. This is done transparently with a 100% positive result guarantee.

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