Getting company in Poland

Getting company in Poland

Investing in Polish commercial projects is becoming more and more popular among foreign capital holders – this is one of suitable places for such deals to progress in Central Europe. When it comes to flexible immigration law and favorable tax breaks in European countries, Poland becomes an excellent jurisdiction where investors, entrepreneurs and firms’ owners may find an opportunity to realize their plans. Poland’s full economic potential being needed to develop and expand any type of businesses: low taxes and immigration law for workers outside the EU. Establishing a company in Poland is a profitable option for newcomers: it’s explained by loyalty of government authorities and the stability of regulation.

Firms that have a net profit of less than 2 million euros per year are considered small businesses in Poland, so they can pay only 9% of CIT. This is one of the lowest taxes for operating organizations in EU jurisdictions, if we take into account that the usual tax on incomes here is 19%, and in OECD states in Europe – 21.7%.

In comparison with others of the European Union, Poland also has flexible laws regarding immigration, which makes it quite easy to get work permission for people from other states.

Buy business in Poland: what you need

  1. CIT for companies in Poland equals 19%, compared to other EU states, where average tax is 21.7%.
  2. 9% income tax for small firms whose annual profit is less than 2 million euros.
  3. Zero CIT for 4.5 years, if net income remains in organization with min 3 employees, and the company’s shares are owned by individuals. face.
  4. Simple immigration laws, in comparison with other EU countries, make it easier for foreign citizens to formalize employment.
  5. Favorable location in the center of Europe, where the main trade directions intersect.
  6. Excellent infrastructure with direct freight trains to China.

Benefits of establishing a business in Poland

  1. Ease of interaction with local sphere. It’s not necessary to speak Polish to manage your commercial structure in this country. They are loyal to this issue, so the documentation can be drawn up in the language that the entrepreneur speaks, and then translated into Polish and certified.
  2. Strong position in global market.
  3. Favorable tax rates.
  4. Plenty of prospects that haven’t yet been realized. Poland is quite a promising environment in terms of commercial activities. It is also beneficial that the country strongly supports new technologies and innovative mechanisms that greatly simplify and help optimize the way business is done.
  5. Stability within jurisdiction. Many countries from time to time demonstrate their uncertainty and volatility regarding certain commercial aspects. Poland, on the other hand, has shown itself to be a stable state, showing only positive dynamics.

If you want to open a company in this state, we recommend you pay attention to company in Poland for sale. Contact us and our experts’ll be happy to assist you. The company’s specialists know what businesspersons in Poland require. We take into account all the needs of customers, help to save money and draw the right conclusions about a particular problem. It may be difficult for the client, as a person from another state, to use all the resources of Poland that are necessary for enterprise evolution. Our staff will act as excellent partners, handling all administrative matters while you are focused on commercial operations.

Establishing firm in a foreign state can be quite costly if you don’t know tax bodies, VAT rules and regulations. Our consultants help you deal with tax policy and VAT, and to obtain a license and properly formalize your future company or an existing business.

Please contact us to get more information.

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