Registration of IT-business

5 most suitable countries

Registration of IT-business and new technologies – this is not necessarily America and its Silicon Valley. There are other countries in the world with very attractive business conditions. The main selection criteria are:

  • registration availability;
  • ease of doing business;
  • optimal conditions for tax legislation;
  • high quality of life.

Consider the most optimal jurisdictions in which the conditions are most favorable in order to establish an IT business.


America has long and firmly taken a leading position in the development of IT-business. The country’s economy is notable for its high level and transparency. Almost 80% of the total world number of companies in the IT sector are located in this country.

In addition, each state has its own special areas, but they are united by a high level of data protection security. This rule is regulated at the state level.


Hong Kong is in close proximity to the largest markets in the world. Also, the popularity of this administrative region of China is due to the fact that it is one of the largest financial centers.

State policy also allows creating free market conditions and low tax rates. Hong Kong, not without reason, has been holding onto the leading positions of countries at comfortable tax rates. For many years now, he has been in the top ten, and sometimes the top five, jurisdictions.


Singapore is the third financial center in the world. This country is loved by businessmen of any class for low tax rates, a developed economy and market relations. The presence of multinational companies in the country makes Singapore a tidbit.

Another important factor in popularity is the high level of education and discipline of the population. This allows you to hire highly qualified personnel.

MAN island

The Isle of Man is the largest offshore center in the world. The stable political and economic situation in this territory allows the offshore business to grow.

Also, the most positive point is that the data storage conditions and non-disclosure of trade secrets are the most stringent here. The Isle of Man has become popular in the cryptocurrency business and the development of payment systems.

Great Britain

UK law creates soft conditions for doing business in this area. This country is in the ten most popular countries for the registration of IT-business. The main reason for the popularity is the lack of state registration fees.

Thus, the most popular countries for registering IT companies, but the list is far from complete. It can also include Cyprus, Malta and New Zealand.

The US has traditionally been a platform for global IT companies: such as Google, HP Inc., Intel, EBay and many others. But, choosing a country to register a company should be guided by its goals and objectives.

It should also be noted that the company’s entry into the global market or doing business locally is all very important factors, along with loyal taxation and security.

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