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IT business in the USA

February 11, 2020


To create your own IT-business in the USA, this decision is currently made by many entrepreneurs working in the field of IT-technologies. You can find out about the reasons and advantages of such a decision in our article.


Entering the US investment market is what many entrepreneurs dream of. You can argue on this issue as much as you like, but practice shows that the American exchanges remain the best in the world. And reaching such a high level offers impressive advantages to companies.

Registration in a “strong” country

It is no secret to anyone that the United States remains one of the “strongest” countries in terms of world society.

The state government is able to not only adopt laws governing the policies and economies of other countries, but also has all the levers of government so that these laws are clearly enforced.

As a result, companies with American registration receive a huge advantage in asserting their rights in court.

The rule applies even to companies located in another country. For our entrepreneurs, this development of events seems an unattainable dream. But for American citizens this is a normal state of affairs.


This situation can be associated with the peculiarities of the mentality. For example, if an entrepreneur complains to the US Attorney’s Office, then his appeal will certainly not be left without attention. A large-scale company will be deployed with the involvement of employees of other government bodies.


One of the prominent features of US law is the protection of intellectual property rights. This attitude is spelled out in the main laws of the country and no one has a desire to violate them.

Any company working in the field of providing IT services can be sure that all of its achievements, developments, proposals for rationalizing and optimizing activities will not be known to third parties unless appropriate permission is obtained.


This seems surprising, but practice shows that the absence of bureaucratic delays makes it possible to register an IT business in the US in just 2 days, a maximum of 3 days. Moreover, it can be found anywhere in the world.

Do not forget that we are only talking about design. Opening a bank account is a completely different procedure.


Compared to previous years, transfers of funds (especially in terms of the international format) are significantly complicated.

Various checks, confirmations, and similar decisions turn a relatively simple operation into a complex process that takes time and nerve cells.

Practice shows that today it is quite difficult to work with the American dollar. Therefore, many companies are switching to another currency, for example, the euro.

As a result, if the company plans to work with American currency, then it is worth opening an account with an American bank. There will be no obstacles.


The US banking system is the most stable in the world. An indicative confirmation is the crisis of 2008, which practically did not affect it. The exception is several banks.

An additional “plus” is international confidentiality. In simpler terms, account data is not shared with third parties.


How to access information about accounts opened in one of the banks in America? Only in court. This is the only way to access financial information.

While there is no court decision, no one will under any circumstances tell about the entrepreneur’s accounts and reveal his identity.


Services in the field of IT-technologies, as a rule, involve remote payment. Moreover, the commission and the reliability of solving financial issues in this case directly depend on the choice of a payment system.

So, no country in the world can be compared with the United States in terms of the diversity of payment systems.


The benefits of registering an IT business in the USA are truly enormous. But, as a rule, that you have to pay for everything, it acts in full force in this respect.

This is a high tax rate. This state of affairs is characteristic of all civilized and developed countries of the world.

If a businessman wants to work in a real legal society (and not just what is written on paper), wants his appeals to the court to be considered, and not put off in a “long box”, then you have to pay for it.

Americans are sympathetic to this need. Moreover, timely deductions to the treasury are perceived by them as a matter of honor. And no one will shirk it.


Each state has its own differences in both management and the features of tax assessment. It all depends not only on the place of registration, but also on who exactly is the founder of the company.

Practice shows that it is very difficult for an unprepared person to deal with all the subtleties.

Therefore, if you want to register your own IT-business in the USA on the most favorable conditions, you should turn to trusted specialists.

Eternity Law International specialists will be happy to рrovide you with assistance in resolving this issue.


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