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Creation of a Trust in the Cayman Islands

August 19, 2023

For those who are thinking of assembling a trust company, it is extremely important to correctly resolve the location for enrollment of such a legal entity. Many people choose countries about which they have certain information and often miss out on really favorable locations for the creation of such enterprises. For example, a good option is to create an offshore trust in the Caymans.

This land regarded British lands, have quite a bit of separation from their laws. The British governance deals only with internal security, defense, and the appointment of officials. The economic block is entirely at the mercy of local leaders.

Today, the Caymans are an excellent place to register any legal entity, as a large flow of trusts in the Caymans is created by large banks from Europe and Canada. Also, the region utilizes modern technology to ensure fast transfers and transaction delays are virtually impossible.

The concept of trust in Cayman

Before understanding how to open a trust company in the Caymans, it is necessary to understand what these organizations are and for what purposes they are created. A trust is a special type of legal-agreement under which the settlors transfer their acquisitions to trustees. The trustee may hold the acquisitions in favor of a third party, which is the legatee, or engage in their multiplication for the ultimate legatees.

In the Caymans, the legislation concerning such agreements is the same as in the UK. However, some differences are worth noting. For example:

  • trusts are generally created to serve the interests of specific individuals, but in the Caymans they can be created for further unprejudiced intents;
  • trusts must have a specified term (150 years);
  • solvent settlors can construct trusts that will not be subject to forfeiture after six years from the date of their association;
  • the choice of the Caymans as the place of incorporation of the trust is final and all legal disputes will be resolved in conformity with local law;
  • enforcement by other courts is prohibited in the event of a conflict with local law.

As you can see, local trusts have a great advantage over other states. Therefore, many settlers base their trust in this region.

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Types of trusts

Establishing a trust company in Cayman is feasible, but it is also important to understand what types of such agreements exist and the differences between them. This knowledge will help to quickly understand which type of trust will be most beneficial to the inheritor and why it is worthwhile to stop such a choice.

The following types of trusts are distinguished in the Caymans:

  • with a corrected appeal. This means that the inheritor will be able to receive a certain earnings from the trust-assets during his or her lifetime and the trustee cannot make all decisions on his or her own. If it concerns the allotment of the trust;
  • Assemblage. This type allows acquisitions to accumulate and no interest to be paid to the inheritors. The trustees can make their disbandments to the inheritors up to a certain age. This type is especially common when a legatee has several children and amounts are allocated from the fund for their schooling;
  • Discretionary. This form is used when the inheritor does not yet understand clear needs and wants to create a trust to furnish some stability. The trustee can pay blessings to the inheritors as he or she sees fit;
  • Revocable. In these trusts, the inheritor can renege the trust and retrieve acquisitions. These documents are very carefully prepared and the terms of the revocation of assets are spelled out;
  • Generous. These are created for generous giving;
  • Star-trusts or special significance.

After choosing the type of trust, you can think about its direct registration. To do this, you need to understand the procedure for creating such a legal-entity.

Procedure for forming trusts

Registering a trust in Cayman follows provincial decrees. Legatees need to have a registered business and create a formal written document with a trustee. This document sets out the rights and responsibilities of the parties. It is also conceivable in the Caymans to create trusts according to oral declarations, but written options are preferred.

Written trusts are created by signing a trust agreement or statement of trust. Once it is signed, corporations need to make payment for the initial belongings. From that point, the trustee’s rights and responsibilities take effect.

Who can help with registration

At first, glance, creating trust in the Caymans seems to be quick and easy. However, this is not entirely the case. Companies need to be prepared to fill out a lot of paperwork and be scrutinized.

Our company is ready to assist you in assembling your documentation package. We will conduct an initial consultation, review your documents and advise you on what needs to be corrected before submitting them to the Cayman enrollment authorities. In addition, we will advise you which trustees are best to approach and help you prepare the appropriate letters.

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