Eternity Law International News Legal support of projects related to cryptocurrencies

Legal support of projects related to cryptocurrencies

January 27, 2020

International legal company Eternity Law International provides full legal support of projects related to cryptocurrencies from A to Z. Currently we service more than 30 cryptocurrency projects, we are also members of the Swiss organization Crypto Valley.

Our specialists will carefully study your project and will prepare conclusions on possible methods of work and preferential jurisdiction for registration, in which operations with cryptocurrency are allowed, and where it is possible to open a bank account.

The list of our services includes, but is not limited to:


  • sale of ready-made licensed crypto related companies with bank accounts
  • registration of companies for crypto traders, exchanges, ICO, STO, IEO
  • sale of ready-made companies with bank accounts in more than 100 jurisdictions



  • Full support of obtaining licenses in a number of jurisdictions (offshore, EU, USA) (if necessary)
  • Preparing of necessary documentation (business plans, financial forecasts, internal rules and procedures, AML and compliance documentation)
  • Interaction with state bodies


  • Opening of a corporate account in a bank or payment system working with cryptocurrency-based projects
  • Merchant account solutions for projects in Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Gambling
  • Opening of pooled accounts for cryptocurrency exchanges


  • Selection of the most suitable jurisdiction for the registration of a company related to cryptocurrencies
  • Elaboration of a corporate structure in accordance with the existing regulation of controlled foreign companies, the requirements of CRS, FATCA, etc., taking into account the status and residency of directors, investors and beneficial owners
  • Development of the company’s corporate documents taking into account its activities
  • Elaboration of the method of input and output of fiat money and cryptocurrency
  • Monitoring of changes in the legislation of various states and searching for optimal solutions for clients
  • Providing advice on making changes required to comply with legal requirements


  • Representation of the client’s interests in resolving disputes related to cryptocurrency activities and ICO (negotiation, mediation, arbitration, settlement of disputes in state courts)
  • Development of an arbitration clause, the proposal of the preferred applicable law and the jurisdiction as the place for the resolution of a dispute


  • Software solutions for banks, EMI, PSP, SVF, MSO, DLT institutions
  • Marketing packages for cryptocurrency projects

Please contact us to receive an offer.

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