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Ready-made company in Romania

September 12, 2022

The nation has undergone several reforms to facilitate commercial operations and draw international investment since entering the European Union. Romania is therefore one of Europe’s most promising countries for foreign investors, while many other customers prefer quicker transactions and the purchase of ready-made businesses.

What is a “ready-made” company in Romania?

When someone has a business idea and needs to launch a company in 48 hours, they can use a shelf company in Romania that has already been created in preparation by an agent. Instead of having to gather all the paperwork, you need for registration, sending them, and other such activities, this is a very quick approach to launch your business in Romania. Ready-made firms may have just opened or existed for more than a year. It is simple to locate a firm that is between one month and ten years old, has bank accounts, is registered in any country in Europe, and has a registered VAT number.

Standard limited corporations that have already been registered as a functioning option for all businesspeople who urgently want such a commercial instrument are known as “ready-made firms”.

Types of Romanian ready-made business

There are various sorts of firms in Romania. The best kind depends on the investor’s corporate objectives. One kind works well for small and medium-sized firms, while the other is best for big corporations and holdings:

  • Societate cu Raspundere Limitata – Limited Liability Company;
  • Societate pe Actiuni – Joint stock company;
  • Societatea in Nume Colectiv – General partnership;
  • Societate in Comandita Simpla – Limited Partnership;
  • Societatea în Comandita pe Acțiuni – Partnership limited by shares.

Benefits of a Romanian ready-made business

  • Trust. Customers and other business partners get a trustworthy reputation through the company’s longevity;
  • Benefits from banking: Companies with expertise and no tax issues may find it easier to secure business loans;
  • Doing business with the organization is simple since it is prepared to seal transactions as soon as the purchase is made;
  • Saving time: the main benefit is that owners do not have to go through the entire process of forming a corporation in Romania;
  • Suppliers: Suppliers like hiring and working with more seasoned businesses over startups;
  • Capital: You’ll have simple access to funding for investments.

The company’s goodwill enhances the business environment, which may benefit both local and foreign investors in Romania by facilitating easier market access.

When the future of the firm is at stake or even for banking needs, signing business agreements can be more economical, too. Typically, businesses only transact with rival businesses that are active on the market at the same time.

Documents needed to buy a firm in Romania

  • a copy of your identity card or passport;
  • your résumé;
  • documentation of your permanent address;
  • the completion of a unique application and information forms to purchase a ready-made corporation in Romania.

If you can’t visit Romania in person, for instance, you might need to present a verified power of attorney.

The agent will give you a registration certificate, share transfer forms, non-trading turnover certificate, minutes and participation register, four printed copies of the memorandum and articles of organization, a joint register, and share certificates when the transaction is complete.

Those who want to launch a business in Romania should make the wise and secure decision to purchase a ready-made organization. The legal firm from whom you bought it will help you modify the name of the shelf corporation you are purchasing. Besides, if it’s required, you can choose to alter the address, primary activity, and other details from the articles of organization.

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