Immigration to Ukraine

The topic of immigration to Ukraine is regulated by the Law “On Immigration”, which stipulates that a foreigner has the right to move to Ukraine for the purpose of permanent residence or temporary (in connection with work, study).

Foreigners are very interested in Ukraine, and most of them immigrate to the country. The reasons for moving on a temporary or permanent basis are different for everyone:

  1. The country has a decent level of education, develops the health care system, and ranks 50th in terms of human capital.
  2. Ukraine is a favorable country for doing business (it has all the conditions – its own biological resources, a convenient geographic location, a good workforce, a tax system, etc.).
  3. Recently, Ukraine received permission to travel to EU countries without issuing standard visas.
  4. The Ukrainian people are patient and tolerant towards foreigners.

Highly qualified lawyers of Eternity Law International will be happy to provide you with the necessary assistance in resolving such issues:

  1. consent to immigration;
  2. obtaining a certificate for temporary / permanent residence;
  3. registration of a taxpayer identification number;
  4. registration of citizenship of Ukraine.

What do you need to have?

In order to be able to arrange immigration to Ukraine, you should take with you:

  1. a document confirming your identity (passport);
  2. a document confirming that you have no criminal record (we can issue it);
  3. a certificate from the hospital (we can issue it).

This is enough so that we can help you. Our company will be able to issue the rest of the certificates for you. These services are already included in the total cost.

The sequence of documentation.

  1. Personal meeting with a client, familiarization with documents. We answer all your questions and draw up a plan for further actions.
  2. We prepare a complete package of documentation in order to avoid problems in the future.
  3. Transfer of documents to the migration service, solving all the nuances.
  4. View the progress of your question’s review.
  5. The answer to immigration.

Eternity Law International specialists also provide assistance online. This permission does not limit your stay on the territory of Ukraine.

By contacting a lawyer from Eternity Law International for advice, you can quickly solve the problem. All you need is to contact Eternity Law International. It is much easier to go all the way together.

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