The firm Eternity Law International on the basis of blocking technology provides assistance on the implementation of ICO projects. In addition, Eternity Law International offers support of ICO.

First, our consultants will listen to you, ask the necessary questions, and then they will consider your project in detail. To conduct ICO, they will choose the best jurisdiction, so that there is no trouble when carrying out transactions with crypto-currencies. At the client’s request, it is possible to choose low-risk jurisdictions in order not to disclose information about the beneficial owner.


When choosing a jurisdiction, a corporate structure is developed, which will be formalized when filing its commission. Firstly, all ways of opening account in the bank and in payment systems are stipulated, and a list of all necessary documents is provided to the client.

Our firm has qualified lawyers who will be engaged in the preparation of all corporate documents. The main role in the maintenance process is the White Paper ICO, so it takes more time. If correctly drawn up this document, then it will attract investors to increase the contributions to the company. In addition, our company will create:

  • Terms of use;
  • contracts for the sale of the token;
  • electronic contracts;
  • a public offer contract;
  • Borrowing agreements that relate to buyers of tokens.
  • These documents reduce the risks for your company.

To minimize them, ICO tax planning is developed for your company representatives. It is including the participants of the issuer company, organizers and investors.


Our firm will also develop Compliance measures that will also ensure a reduction in risks in the ICO. First and foremost, the consultants plan their work, starting with the distribution of the token, considering their result relative to the experience of other countries.

As a result of consideration of the jurisdiction of legislation, where the firm is framed correctly, options are adopted to minimize the risk of violating the law of manipulation in the domestic market of the state, as well as measures to avoid risks in violation of the law of the country’s policy within AML.

Our consultants will work out all the necessary resources of the company in order to improve its work. The newly created mechanism for the distribution of contributions to ICO will give an opportunity to split the profits equally between:

  • exchanges;
  • developers;
  • users;
  • specialists;
  • other interested people.

In order to have access to a free exchange of funds during ICO for fiat money, it is necessary to create a complex mechanism. Specialists of our company will help you from beginning to end in this difficult issue.

ICO is an innovation, which is why it is little-known, therefore, in order to interest investors, it is necessary to provide them with intelligible and correct information in the most accessible form so that they do not have many unnecessary questions. Our company provides services to provide answers to all possible questions of depositors in writing in the most convenient way for them.

Our specialists are ready to offer you: advice, help for clients who are going to do ICO. With our help, your project will become competitive.

Eternity Law International also provides assistance in protecting the client in the event of disputes, in the activities of the ICO: arbitration proceedings, mediation or disputes in state structures.

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