Serbia and foreign companies

Serbia and foreign companies

Many global corporations and businessmen from abroad have chosen Serbia for doing business. There are now 1,301 foreign company branches established in Serbia.

These businesses are primarily from the USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany.

Such commerce activity is caused by various reasons:

  • Serbia serves as a bridge between countries of Europe because of its advantageous location and strong worldwide relationships.
  • The favorable taxation system and network of the free areas offer distinct advantages in doing business.
  • Outstanding outcomes can only be achieved with a team that is properly educated and competent. In Serbia there are a great number of good specialists. Numerous institutions offer high-quality staff education.
  • Getting permission for living via the company’s inception in Serbia is one of the numerous justifications for which there is a straightforward method for acquiring one.
  • Cheap expenses, a light tax burden, and a 15% income levy.
  • Wages in Serbia are significantly lower than in other nations with developed economies.
  • A duty-free environment.
  • The huge market of customers.

What worldwide companies do business in Serbia?

  • Microsoft
  • Panasonic
  • Bosh
  • Gorenje
  • Michelin
  • Continental
  • Siemens
  • Ubisoft
  • NCR
  • Schneider Electric
  • Cisco
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Geox
  • And a lot of others

Also, a great example can be the company “Magnus Aircraft”.

It is a multinational firm, which manufactures light sport aircraft, and has just begun operating in Serbia. This organization, which has its offices in Hungary, has a chance to focus its operations more intently on the marketplace of the whole Balkans thanks to the creation of a representative office in Serbia. The goal is to establish Serbia as a hub for trade pursuits, a location where clients can receive assistance, and a significant center for commercial growth.

International businesses frequently buy local businesses in Serbia, in addition to setting up branch offices there.

For instance, “Coca-Cola” has bought the local firm Rosa Homolje recently. Also, the Austrian firm, which has forty branches in Austria and surrounding nations, purchased an establishment in Serbia for its one that manufactures fodder.

Successful projects of global businesses in Serbia

One of the booming fields in Serbia is programming and information technologies. There is a huge potential base of specialists. Nowadays IT makes up a significant share of the country’s exports.

While international leaders had realised the potential of Serbian IT firms, a great number of Serbian companies were bought by big corporations.

Among them:

  • Epic games
  • Take Two
  • Endava

In addition, popular sectors are agriculture, medicine, energy, management, building, and transportation.

A growing number of American global logistics firms are establishing regional headquarters in Serbia and using current technologies to plan the transfer of commodities between states.

Serbians are recruited as operators and traders, and there are also Serbians who deal with the arrangement of the entire procedure of transferring and bargain with American maintenance workers for vehicle repair and service.

One such company is Florida-based “CW Carriers USA”, which employs over 80 people both in Serbia and the US. Its headquarters in Belgrade contains departments for selling, finances, strategy, security, and tracking.

How to launch a business in Serbia?

The course of forming your own business is quick and easy. Serbian government does everything possible for favorable conditions for businesses and businessmen from other countries. You have to decide what legal structure your future company will have and gather all the required documents for setting up.

We can help you to do this. We can provide you with the data that is needed. All procedures of the establishment can be accomplished online.

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