Company formation in Serbia

Company formation in Serbia

Both residents and non-resident businesspersons may create Serbian company. Often, it doesn’t require a personal presence, since an official representative may send all needed and set up an organization. Thus, company registration in Serbia is rather simple, nevertheless, it has certain subtleties and nuances of a juridical nature.

Serbia offers favorable and convenient conditions for the development of entrepreneurial projects. Below we describe in detail ways of establishment of local enteprises, main commercial priviligies of the state, step-by-step approbation procedure, and features of tax and banking systems.

Cost of Serbian company registration

Serbia companies formation needs entry of organization data into State Registry. Expenses vary, depending on the type of future enterprise – from 12 euros to 51 euros. Also, business setup costs in Serbia may contain certain supplementary spendings, in particular, execution of deed of establishment, translation of certificates, etc.

Businesses for sale in Serbia

Steps of company formation in Serbia

Prior, businesspersons solve a lot of related tasks. 

  1. Decide on enterprise form. Decide what legal form of commercials you need – a sole trader, LLC or JSC. There’re branches or representative firms of other corporations.
  2. Select enterprise name. In addition, it’s mandatory to check if the name is free in state lists. The founders need to develop these papers and make sure the chosen denomination is not used by another firm.
  3. Select operational field. Deciding to register company in Serbia, indicate commercials you’re going to do. It dominates in working. There may also be extra activities; if one of them becomes the main one, you need to change the Statute.
  4. Legal address. It may not be a physical, but a remote space, where mail, calls, and so on will be received. This commercial scheme is in demand in Serbia.
  5. Prepare the Statute. This document must be approved by a notary. It indicates the official data of enterprise, data on its heads, share-holders, etc.

Company incorporation in Serbia

Establishment’s usually completed in 5 days.

  1. Official statement for incorporation.
  2. Passports of enterprise owners, or official extract for enterprises.
  3. Statute.
  4. Confirmation of payment of state duties.

All needed for starting business in Serbia is sent by the enterprise’s holder or a trusted delegate, f. eg., a specialized firm.

Start company in Serbia

  1. Register businesses in Serbia is impossible without making corporative accounts. 
  2. Sending special forms to the tax office. 
  3. EDS. To get a signature, it’s needed to send application to local institution. Within 15 days you’ll be provided with individual e-certificate.
  4. Inclusion of institution in VAT payment list.

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