Reasons to choose Serbia for business

Reasons to choose Serbia for business

Launching a business is a serious and responsible step. You ought to know exactly what country is the best choice for you. One such promising country located in Europe is Serbia.

Serbia is an appropriate country for your business activity. Why?

  • Serbia has severe intentions to become a member of the EU. Moreover, it already has an established network of commercial relations with countries in Europe.
  • Besides, it has business connections with nations of Asia and America.
  • Serbia is situated in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula, so it is a financial and commercial centre for states there.
  • The government is open and adaptable, and the taxation system is created to promote investments from abroad.
  • Serbia has amazing employees. Workers, there are hard-working and well-educated. The majority of them have excellent skills and knowledge. Serbians often are proficient in several languages including Slavic one.
  • Cheap labour. The official wage for employees is approximately €860.
  • It is not difficult to get resident status.
  • The economical system, taxation and banks persuade businessmen from other countries and multinational firms to invest in opening Serbian subsidiary companies.
  • Serbia has a good system of education. Serbian higher education institutions propose many specialties and studying in various languages.
  • Serbia has cheaper utility costs for energy, fossil fuels, and other services in comparison to the other states of Europe.
  • Serbia’s affordable value for foundation and finance supporting businesses. With Serbian registration to keep a corporation, you need to pay approximately €2,400 annually. It contains the country-mandated rent for the company’s office location and accountant services.
  • Establishing a business in Serbia can be accomplished in any place in the world. Everything that you need to do is to provide the necessary documentation and give permission for transferring limited rights to the mediator. Everything can be done remotely.
  • Your offshores, which can be situated in any place, can have registered branches in Serbia. It is allowed you to have a legitimate business existence and performance in Europe.
  • For firms registered there, obtaining a special account with an internal bank for business is uncomplicated. Moreover, numerous global financial institution has their offices in Serbia. They are involved in the development of domestic businesses, too.
  • Serbia has negotiated with other nations more than 50 deals about delaying double taxation. It will also be advantageous to global businesses operating there. Additionally, you will have unlimited access to a billion customer market thanks to the numerous contracts about the open market with free trade that Serbia has entered into.
  • Furthermore, Serbia has 15 zones for free trade. Both value-added tax and customs taxes are waived for businesses based in these zones. For some firms, like industrial businesses, setting up a company in Serbian foreign-trade areas will be highly profitable.

Abroad financial investments

Serbia according to the official Development Agency has drawn about €37 billion in inbound from abroad since 2007.

Investors from Germany, Italy, the USA, France, Austria, and China constitute the base of the Serbian nonnative mutual fund.

Engaging sectors for foreign assets

  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Food and Drinks
  • Textile and Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Equipment
  • Metallurgy

To draw in foreign finances, the government of Serbia pull out all the stops. They provide a range of enticements and aid. This is not limited to big firms, small enterprises may also have a lot of possibilities for development in Serbia’s welcoming market environment.

Therefore, give Serbia a careful look if you’re seeking a welcoming and stable administration with a major number of partners from the whole world, an advantageous tax structure, and magnificent possibilities.

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