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Doing business in Europe

October 16, 2022

Launch of a commercial project in European states opens up a wider range of opportunities for entrepreneurs than in offshores. Running business in Europe isn’t only associated with great prospects and benefits, but also makes customers and potential partners realize that this or that firm is their reliable ally.

Benefits of launching a company in Europe

Governments and regulators in the EU commercial sectors are committed to making it as easy as possible to run commercials in Europe. By doing so, they want to ensure transparency, accessibility, openness and impartiality of the commercial environment in every jurisdiction.

Registering companies in Europe enables entrepreneurs to carry out operations and conclude deals on favorable terms with broad prospects for future progress of cooperation.

  1. Possibility to conduct commercial operations throughout the EU.
  2. Simplified and fast registration procedure.
  3. Legislative base, which is characterized by stability and loyalty.
  4. Opportunity to receive investments in your project.
  5. Increased level of trust from European partners and other jurisdictions.
  6. Possibility to enjoy all the tax privileges that are provided to companies in the European area.
  7. Lending in European banking institutions.
  8. High level of development and stability of the banking system.
  9. Low taxes and double tax exemption.

Almost all individuals or commercial structures can register enterprises in EU. In particular, it is available to non-residents. The registration itself looks like this:

  • at the first stage, organization’s name and the actions of notary are checked;
  • registration directly.

Jurisdictions with ideal conditions for doing business processes in Europe


  1. Favorable tax rates for firms established in euro area.
  2. Easy registration.
  3. Availability of banking services.
  4. Comprehensive assistance to companies established by non-residents.
  5. A good reputation, which is also characteristic of other enterprises launched within EU.


  1. Tax relief up to 5% for Maltese firms.
  2. Easy registration procedure for businesses.
  3. High level of data security.
  4. Ability to organize and hold annual meetings of the firm outside the jurisdiction.


  1. The lowest corporate tax rate for businesses that are registered in jurisdiction.
  2. There isn’t currency control.
  3. Nominee services are anonymous.
  4. There’re min requirements for initial capital.
  5. The jurisdiction is a party to an agreement to avoid double taxation when receiving income from a business in another country.


  1. Reliability of the banking system.
  2. There is no currency control.
  3. The jurisdiction is part of a double tax treaty.
  4. Opportunity to invest in real estate.


  1. Low corporate tax rate for local firms.
  2. You can open a company in Bulgaria without a personal presence.
  3. Use of English as a corporate language within the jurisdiction.


  1. Convenient and fast registration.
  2. Low tax for local businesses.
  3. There is no currency control.
  4. Initial capital requirements have not been established.

If you intend to buy business in Europe and conduct commercial activities, please contact our specialists. We will not only help you in solving any issue that has arisen, but we will also offer business for sale. Our expertise is quite extensive and great – we are pleased to take into account any of your wishes and aim only at an excellent result of cooperation.

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