Ready-made company in Estonia 2023

Ready-made company in Estonia 2023

Plenty of businesspersons intending to realize plans and begin operating in the chosen market niche, consider ready-made company in Estonia convenient and quite profitable option, because commercials are certified and new owners may instantly begin working.

Characteristics of ready made/shelf companies in Estonia

Businesspersons intending to open Estonian company need to understand such organization doesn’t have open banking account. It’s considered proof that firm hasn’t operated before.

Businesspersons must send local regulatory authority with sufficient proof of identity and absence of participation in illegal operations. Ready-for-expluatation Estonian organization may be opened and start operating in a day, because it is an inactive enterprise waiting for new proprietors.

New proprietors also need getting banking statements, sending an application to taxation bodies, and to commercial registry for indicating of class of commercials, and trademark.

Businesses for sale in Estonia

Benefits of buying ready made companies in Estonia

Key privilege of selecting organizationally-developed company in Estonia is businesspersons don’t go through a long procedure of registering it, which is invariably associated with certain technical difficulties. Together with ready organization, you get:

  • Statute;
  • establishment certificate;
  • tax-number.

Making changes to ready made company Estonia

Modifications to Estonian ready made company based on enterprise category and some other nuances.

  1. Names of owners are changed when enterprise is taken over.
  2. Trade denomination changing.
  3. It’s necessary to replace directors.
  4. In addition, it’ll be mandatory to indicate amendments to constituent documentation.

How choosing ready-made shelf companies in Estonia

  1. Legal structure.
  2. Starting capital.
  3. Firm age.
  4. Intentions regarding the enterprise scope.

Ready-made Estonian companies for sale enable businesspersons to quickly begin working locally. Experts of our firm help you quickly and without unnecessary expenses to become owner of ready organization in Estonia and start your commercials. Businesspersons provide next-mentioned:

  • owner’s names;
  • data on place of residence and certification;
  • photocopy of identity documentation;
  • data of firm’s directors;
  • future organization denomination;
  • firm’s email and phone.

You may buy company in Estonia remotely.

Tax aspects 

  1. Corporate tax 20%.
  2. With a regular distribution of income, the rate is 14%.
  3. Zero taxes on reinvestment.
  4. Payment of VAT on taxable supplies of goods or services.

If you seek professional assistance in getting Estonian ready-made firms or would like advice on such topic, please contact us. Our experts will help you get answers to all your questions. We also possess businesses for sale in other jurisdictions.

Can I set up organizations in Estonia?

Non-resident businesspersons are allowed to open Estonian organizations. Ready organization for sale is optimal and profitable option in terms of time and money.

How long does it take to open Estonian firm?

Starting businesses from scratch can take up to several months. Re-registration takes only up to 1-2 days.

Can a foreigner establish Estonian firm?

Foreign persons are allowed to open firms in Estonia. Our experts help to collect packages of documentation and negotiate with local authorities responsible for enterprise establishment.

Why do businesspersons choose Estonia to establish enterprises?

It’s interesting and profitable state with its loyal tax conditions and financial stability. In addition, it is one of the leading countries in terms of the introduction and mass support of modern information technologies.

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