Cryptocurrency exchange company in Cyprus

Cryptocurrency exchange company in Cyprus

Cypriot state authorities have been constantly bettering Blockchain legislation, making the country a first-choice hub for investors, Defi startups, and cryptocurrency exchange companies in Cyprus. The circulation of non-fiat currencies and e-funds is under the remit of the central banking institution, and the trading politics are set up by the SEC. 

Overview of Cypriot legal basis for crypto assets

On this island, operation with crypto assets is not clearly supervised, however, any operation with them must be in line with the applicable legislation. Activities that are allowed by the law, are the following: 

  • mining;
  • functioning of ICO projects;
  • transferring and possession of virtual assets;
  • exchanges (fiat-crypto, crypto-crypto, and vice versa);
  • delivery of crypto-related services.

Cryptocurrency can be defined as inventories, intangible assets, and investment tools, subject to their nature. Hence, the launch or activities of FinTech projects by default necessitates acquiring a CySEC license. 

CySEC also issues permits, that oblige traders to notify purchasers about the main aspects of non-fiat money and payments and warn of the risks of failure to redress damages of losses and exchange rate volatility. In 2017, the regulative bodies set the norms according to which the volume of traded virtual currency should not exceed 15% of the total circulation of the company, and the loan for tools is reduced to 1:5 (the reason is higher market volatility).

In a brief, forming an exchanger on the island has many benefits and allows operation throughout the European Union. The popularity of this jurisdiction is enhanced by low tax rates and extra opportunities for non-resident firms.

Licensing of Cypriot crypto exchanges

The state legit framework applies the provision of European Union Directives and the law regulating the counteraction to the illicit circulation of money and their contribution to terrorist operations. The next rules for crypto exchanges in Cyprus are applied:

  • incorporation of an entity with appropriate organizational-legal form and a “physical” office;
  • setting up an account in a Cypriot bank;
  • employment of directors and workers with appropriate knowledge and expertise in the field of finances proven by appropriate certificates;
  • drawing up documentation in line with Know Your Customer obligations and European Union law, business plan, etc.

To incorporate a crypto exchange in Cyprus it is mandatory to:

  • guarantee the obedience of the beneficiary owners and senior managers of the company to the law (certificate of good conduct);
  • form the company properly;
  • adhere to obligations of KYC, and AML obligations;
  • identify the origin of money for the duly execution of operations;
  • constantly monitor payment operations carried out by clients;
  • identify and notify the regulator of suspicious payments;
  • estimate the risk the customer operation may entail.

Additionally, it is crucial to fulfilling the obligations concerning the volume of the entity capital. Generally, there are three types:

Type 1, includes firms providing advisory offers in the field of finances. The initial paid-up capital for this type is EUR 75,000.

Type 2, includes firms providing the services as follows:

  • executing payments of clients;
  • conducting payments in respect of the exchanges of the crypto/fiat, or crypto/crypto;
  • delivering services in respect of distributing, offering, and/or selling virtual funds, as well as ICO;
  • The minimum paid-up capital for this type is EUR 150,000.

Type 3, includes firms delivering the services as follows:

  • managing, transferring, possessing, and/or storing virtual funds or mechanisms by which supervision over virtual funds is performed;
  • placing virtual funds;
  • The paid-up capital for this type is EUR 750,000.

The sequence of acquiring a crypto license

  1. Opening a company (a detailed description of the condition is above).
  2. Collection of the necessary information about the company and its beneficiary owners.
  3. Paying an application fee.
  4. Applying to the regulatory body for a license, with the probable provision of other particulars.

These are the basic conditions a cryptocurrency exchange company in Cyprus must execute under the law. If you have any questions or intend to open crypto company in this jurisdiction, contact us. Our experts have a huge expertise in buying and selling businesses, as well as licensing.

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