Operation of a cryptocurrency exchange company in Czech Republic

Operation of a cryptocurrency exchange company in Czech Republic

The entities operating in the FinTech domain are progressively setting up in the Czechia – an EU state with a strong economy and blockchain-friendly environment. Here crypto assets are regarded as an economic good or commodity rather than a standard unit of value of a currency. Although it is not a formal means of payment, the Central Bank issued 40 approvals to Czech banks to deliver crypto-related services as long as they adhere to anti-money-laundering regulations. This is an overview of the core peculiarities of formation of a cryptocurrency exchange company in the Czech Republic.

Crypto assets dealing in Czechia

To start your operation in the blockchain domain in the Czech jurisdiction, you are obliged to pass a licensing process ruled by the regulative body – the central bank. It is necessary to emphasize that it`s not secure to act without a legal permit for crypto businesses. If doing so, there is a likelihood of being deemed by the authorities as an illegal enterprise and being prosecuted. Still, the procedure of acquiring an official permission for operating with crypto assets is transparent and does not entail any excessive red tape. 

Once the license is obtained, an entity is empowered to issue coins, open e-wallets and provide payment offers. The status of being licensed for performing operations in the crypto domain guarantees the business’s solidity and responsibility. But, the range of the offerings delivered by an entity is strictly supervised by the regulative body.

Czech crypto exchanges: spectra of services 

FinTech firms are empowered to issue e-funds if the general issuance amount does not excel 5 Million EUR (in fiat equivalent) in one month. The entity falls under the remit of PSP (payment service provider) restraints and the general monthly “limit” should constitute the maximum of 3 Million EUR when delivering cash deposit or withdrawal, an electronic payment or a transaction carried out through online services. Czech cryptocoins exchanges differ from PSPs by keeping customers’ accounts, that are applied for EMI-funds receipt in payments for goods/services, money storage, their exchanging, or trading.

Crypto firms or, in other words, ICO, should acquire an SPI license to stay compliant with the law. The license allows a market participant to conduct crypto-traditional currency exchanges, trade, and keep customer accounts. This variant best fits for businesspersons who are looking to open and develop their firm quickly. For the issuance of e-funds, market participants should obtain appropriate permission – SEMI or EMI licenses.

Generally, the license gives a legal permit to operate within the EU member states. The most beneficial aspect of doing business there is that it is sufficient to inform the regulative body, with no extra permissions and red tape.

Formation of crypto exchanges in Czechia

Under the applicable legit structure, crypto exchange services may be carried out with official permissions – i.e. licenses. Generally, no stand-alone controls are applied for undertakings in Czechia if no payments are executed or service providers trade derivatives of digital funds. Special permission is granted to all entities that adhere to the next obligations:

  • A business owner has no criminal conviction;
  • A business is formed in a duly manner – with offices, the contribution of initial capital, and an appropriate organizational-legal form;
  • Employees and senior management with appropriate education and expertise are hired;
  • An overview of company activity, and IPO for the project are drawn up;
  • A formal papers package is ready and the commercial account in a local bank is set up;
  • Proofs of being compliant with AML law are in place — internal and external procedures for client information protection, etc. are applicable.

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