Eternity Law International News New booming crypto scene coming: blockchain in Asia

New booming crypto scene coming: blockchain in Asia

July 5, 2023

Cryptocurrency is experiencing a new era of growth, particularly in Asia. It’s fascinating to witness the rise of five countries from this region in the Global Crypto Adoption Index. Vietnam and the Philippines claim the top two spots, with India, Pakistan, and Thailand also making impressive strides in 4th, 6th, and 8th place respectively. This remarkable progress prompts us to delve into the factors driving this phenomenon and ponder what lies ahead in the coming years.

Blockchain technology in Asia: main challenges

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize supply chains in South and Southeast Asia, a region known for its dynamic economic activity and significant role in global trade. In addition to its application in crypto, blockchain provides a secure and decentralized ledger for transactions. By eliminating the need for a trusted third party, it facilitates faster and more cost-effective transactions.

The rapid rise of crypto in Asia has highlighted the urgent need to address security concerns. As cryptocoins are digital assets, they are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, scams, and technical vulnerabilities. Incidents of hacking, theft, and fraud have demonstrated the critical importance of implementing robust security measures. Failing to effectively manage these risks can lead to a loss of user trust, hinder adoption, and result in financial losses for individuals and legal entities. It is crucial for the region to invest in secure crypto platforms and implement comprehensive cybersecurity measures. Furthermore, educating users about safe practices in cryptocurrency use is crucial to ensure they can protect themselves. As Asia continues to embrace blockchain and crypto technologies, prioritizing security is not just important but necessary to sustain and support the region’s impressive growth in its digital assets economy.

An example of governmental support of the crypto field is the recent proposal of the Singaporean central bank (MAS) to implement a new framework for virtual asset networks. Read on to know fast facts.

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Singapore Develops a New Framework for Digital Asset Networks

MAS, Singapore`s financial regulator, is actively working towards the secure and smooth growth of open and intercοnnected networks for digital assets (DANs). This organization is coworking with experts and regulators worldwide to encourage innovation in the fast-paced world of virtual assets. MAS has recently disclosed a detailed report which outlines a set of new rules for establishing open DANs. This report aims to establish global standards that take the operation of fin. market operation at a new level.

Singaporean interoperable network design framework: Quick facts

  • The Deputy Managing Directοr at MAS, Leon Sing Chiοng, has put emphasis on the authority’s dedication to promoting a new ecosystem of virtual assets. Although discouraging speculatiοn in cryptos, MAS acknowledges the perspective value creation and new benefits in the Fintech space. The organization is eager to work together with sector practitioners to establish effective regulation that will lead to the further growth of fin. networks.
  • Last week, the MAS organization published a white paper on “purpοse-bοund” money that provided a tech outline of virtual currencies with predetermined uses.
  • MAS gathered 11 well-known fin. organizations that will participate in conducting pilοts across different asset classes. These pilots aim to examine the possibilities of asset tokenizatiοn and its advantages in areas like asset administration, fixed income, and Forex.
  • A pilοt repo involving DLT bonds is being developed, according to MAS. It aims to improve the operation of cross-board capital market instrument delivery via DANs.
  • The Japanese FSA has become the first foreign regulatory body to join the team. This collab aims to spur innovation in asset tokenizatiοn.

South and Southeast Asia’s growing adoption of cryptocoins is a clear indication of the immense potential of blockchain. By embracing cryptocoins and DeFi, the region is not only fostering financial inclusivity but also showcasing its ability to transform challenges into opportunities.


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