Company registration on Sark

Sark is a small island from the Channel Islands located in the English Channel, owned by Guernsey. This is a small, isolated state, in which until 2008 there were only 40 enterprises. All land on the island is owned by one person who rents them out.

The island itself belongs to Great Britain, it is the customs territory of the European Union. The main language is English. Driving is prohibited on the island. Exceptions are granted only to disabled people traveling on motor vehicles.

This is an offshore territory, so many business persons prefer to register a business there. The difficulty is in the fact that there are no ready-made enterprises on the island that could be re-registered. There is no corporate law, which complicates the procedure for registering a company.

List of documents

It is quite difficult to register a company on the island. But our lawyers can do it in the shortest possible time. You must provide the required list of documents. After registration, a new company will get the following:

  • a certificate confirming the fact of registration;
  • memorandum of association;
  • company charter;
  • list (register) of the board of directors;
  • list (register) of shareholders;
  • apostille for all documents;
  • own seal.

Submitting a package for registering a company, you must pay:

  • state fee registration;
  • services of an agent who will conduct registration;
  • registration fee for legal entities addresses;
  • annual service fee;
  • courier services.

Everything is carried out in a short time, giving the client the following advantages:

  • a full package of ready-made, registered documents;
  • activities can be carried out immediately after receiving the documents;
  • cost of the service package includes the cost of company registration.

If you pass jurisdiction through the UK, you can purchase a ready-made company. This procedure will take no more than two days. Registering a new company directly on the island, it will take a little more time. The island’s economy is at its peak, so this is one of the lucrative destinations.

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