Eternity Law International News The largest IT conference, iForum, will take place on June 18, 2021, at the NSC “Olimpiyskyi”!!!

The largest IT conference, iForum, will take place on June 18, 2021, at the NSC “Olimpiyskyi”!!!

June 2, 2021

Good news for everyone who misses live communication, ideas exchange in person, interaction with the best speakers — iForum will gather its participants in a month, on June 18, 2021.

The decision to hold the conference this year was made by the Organizing Committee with a full assessment of the pandemia situation. As a result, the usual iForum format has been transformed to ensure the safety and health of all participants.

  1. iForum-2021 will take place at the NSC “Olimpiyskyi”. This location allows us to provide more space for social distancing and held the conference outdoors, in compliance with quarantine requirements.
  2. The number of participants will be limited to 5,000 people.
  3. By holding this event on a large area of the NSC “Olimpiyskyi”, which seats up to 70,000 visitors, we will avoid crowds, ensure control of the masks, disinfection and compliance with distancing requirements at the exhibition area, workshops, and during speakers’ reports.

The fact that we are holding this conference in times of pandemic, is its main feature. In our reports there will be cases of business survival and life hacks for companies in this “new normal” reality. We will hear stories of how old formats and industries had died out, freeing space for newly born ones. We will discuss new standards of humankind development, comprehension of business philosophy and tips on how to apply these ideas. We genially expect useful reports and interesting speakers to talk to in person.

At iForum-2021 we will present relevant reports about Advertising and Promotion, Internet technologies, Startups, Digital FUN, Future. There also will be the Main Stage, which will feature the hottest topics and most popular speakers. CRM reports will be integrated into the Advertising stream.

The conference will also include a specialized exhibition “City of the Future”, where developers and inventors will be able to demonstrate their devices and inventions and share interesting ideas. Also, a companies’ stand exhibition Expo-iForum will be traditionally held at the iForum-2021.

Let us remind you, that tickets for iForum-2020 will be valid for iForum-2021.

You can get more information and buy tickets here.

We are looking forward to the next meeting and our cooperation!


The IT-crowd conference (iForum) is the largest offline IT conference in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. This forum is a social phenomenon initiated by tech industry participants. In general, it is a massive professional discussion about new opportunities and business prospects, the search for ideas and their implementation, the analysis of the world’s latest trends. The previous iForum took place in 2019 and gathered together 13,286 participants.

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