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Digital business license in Antigua

May 22, 2023

During the past few years, government apparatus of jurisdiction is trying in every possible way to contribute to the rapid economic development and expansion of the commercial spectrum of the country. As part of these efforts, a separate system was introduced for issuing licenses to conduct digital business-activities in jurisdiction. Digital business license in Antigua provides its holders with many benefits. In particular, it should be noted the opportunity to join a growing market that opens up many opportunities for start-ups and those entrepreneurs who intend to expand an existing business-structure, giving it new spaces and targeted customers.

Obtaining digital assets business license in Antigua: basic rules and normative points

The norms applying to businessmen intending to get such a permit as Antigua cryptolicense, may be different. It depends on several nuances, in particular, on the type of business activity and the industry in which the company intends to operate. Some of the general requirements are as follows.

  1. Mandatory registration of a business structure. Before applying for an appropriate permission, a firm must be established and entered into the local registry.
  2. Organizations must meet the criteria by which eligibility of business-project is determined. The list and nature of these criteria depends on the area in which the entrepreneur will operate. If you want to work with financial services, you need to bring your commercial project in line with the regulations and standards adopted by Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.
  3. Entrepreneurs need to submit certain documentation to the regulator. This list includes a detailed business plan describing the prospects of the project, a registration form for entering the company into the register, an identity card, a special form with a request for a license permit and documentary evidence of being in the jurisdiction.
  4. Fee coverage. Entrepreneurs are needed to pay a mandatory fee, the amount of which may vary, as it depends on the type of activity and permission.

Antigua’s crypto regulation

The jurisdiction has adopted a comprehensive and proactive approach to the development and implementation of legal normative points governing the circulation of digital assets. There is a common crypto-exchange in Antigua – ECCB, which is in charge of implementation of introduction and setting of financial firms in this country.

Privileges that Antigua crypto-currency license gives

This jurisdiction is quite promising and rapidly developing. This’s main reason why many investors worldwide seek to establish their business project here. Specifically, Antigua crypto license offers the following benefits and privileges.

  1. Low rates for paying taxes. There is no tax on capital gains in the country. This makes this space quite attractive for businessmen who intend to establish a company there.
  2. Convenient location with strategic value. It is an excellent location for firms wishing to expand their operations to the area.
  3. Stable economical and political environment that grants a favorable microclimate for doing business.
  4. A wide market of talented and skilled workforce with experience and knowledge in the IT industry, financial solutions and other areas.
  5. A fairly simple application procedure for getting appropriate permits. Procedure has been streamlined by government regulators to further broaden the horizons for entrepreneurs and accelerate their integration into local business-community.
  6. Favorable, understandable and loyal regulative basis.

Our company is ready to provide you with comprehensive professional support in getting Antigua & Barbuda digital asset license. Our experts become your reliable allies in this process, accompanying you at all stages and taking care of all the difficulties and nuances. We also have an extensive inventory of shelf companies and licenses for sale. Contact us right now, and in the shortest possible time you will be able to start your business safely and with maximum benefit.

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