Registration of Ukrainian citizenship for adopted persons

Based on Article 11, specified in the Ukrainian legislation “About Citizenship”, all children who live in Ukraine have the right to obtain Ukrainian citizenship on such conditions as:

  1. Children who are foreigners or do not have any citizenship, subject to adoption, can become residents of Ukraine if to stick to certain conditions. One person from a married couple adopting a child may be a Ukrainian full-fledged resident, while the other party may have no citizenship at all. However, a stateless person (one who does not have citizenship) and a minor can become legal residents of the state from the time the adopted decision on adoption comes into force;
  2. Children, who were born on the territory of another country and have a foreign nationality, subject to adoption by a family where one of the couple legally resides in Ukraine, and the other is a foreigner. They are legal citizens of the country after the decision on their adoption enters into force, despite the fact whether he will live on the territory of the state or not;
  3. An adult stateless person, who continual resides in Ukraine has the right to be adopted by a citizen of Ukraine, or spouses, where at least one of them is a legal resident of Ukraine. After the court decision on adoption enters into force, an adult becomes a full citizen of Ukraine.

A set of documents, and in what cases adoption may be refused

There are different cases of adoption, according to which completely different documents are required: A minor is adopted by a citizen of Ukraine.

  1. The following documentation package is needed here:- a handwritten statement indicating the request to grant the adopted child citizenship;- two photographs printed on matte photographic paper (size 4.5 X 3.5). This is necessary if the child has reached the age of seven;
    – declaration, which indicates that the child is a foreigner or is not a citizen of any state;
    – a photocopy of the birth certificate of a minor;
    – photocopies of passports or other documents proving the person of both spouses;
    – a photocopy of the conclusion of the court proceedings or the Ukrainian consulate, which should indicate the fact that this child can be adopted by citizens of Ukraine.It is worth noting that if the child at the time of filing the application is already 15 years old, then he will be required to give written permission to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.
  2. One of the spouses is a full citizen of Ukraine, and the other does not have citizenship. In this case, you will need:- application with a request to give the child citizenship;
    – two photographs, the size of which is 4.5 X 3.5 cm (if the child at the time of adoption is already 7 years old);
    – a declaration confirming the fact that the minor is stateless or the child was born on the territory of another country;
    – a photocopy of the birth certificate of the adopted child, as well as documents of the adoptive parent, which confirm his citizenship;
    – written consent of the adopted child, if he is 14 years old;
    – a copy of the passport of the second adoptive parent, confirming that he does not have citizenship;
    – a photocopy of judicial opinions allowing the adoption of a child by citizens of Ukraine;
    – a photocopy of the marriage certificate of those, who wishes to take a minor into the family.
  3. One of the adoptive parents is a foreigner. In this case, you need to prepare the following papers:- proof that the person being adopted is really a foreigner, or he has no citizenship at all;
    – a statement indicating the request to grant the adopted child Ukrainian citizenship;
    – two photographs, which must be printed strictly on matte photographic paper, the size is 4.5 X 3.5 centimeters;
    – a photocopy of the court decision or the Ukrainian consulate on permission to adopt a child and grant him Ukrainian citizenship;
    – photocopies of passports to confirm the fact that one of the adoptive parents is Ukrainian and the other is a foreign resident; – a photocopy of the marriage certificate;
    – a photocopy of the birth certificate of the adopted minor child;
    – written confirmation from a person who has reached the age of 14 that he agrees to become a full citizen of Ukraine.
  4. A person who has reached the age of majority, who does not have citizenship, but is adopted by a Ukrainian married couple, where one of the spouses has Ukrainian citizenship.Here you should provide:

– a request that the adopted person be granted citizenship;
– a photocopy of the birth certificate, TIN of the adoptee;
– two photos printed on matte paper with a size of 3.5 centimeters by 4.5 cm;
– proof of the absence of any citizenship of the adult adopted person;
– a judicial opinion on the authorization of the adoption procedure (its photocopy);
– a copy of the spouse’s identity document, which confirms the presence of Ukrainian citizenship.

Also, in the latter version, it is important to take into account the position of one person from a married couple, depending on which she may need a photocopy of a certificate confirming the presence of foreign citizenship / its complete absence.
As for the refusal in future cooperation, the following reasons may serve as the basis for this:
  1. the submitted documentation package does not comply with the requirements prescribed in Ukrainian legislation;
  2. lack of any required document.

What services are provided by Eternity Law International

By contacting a company called Eternity Law International, you can use the following types of basic services:

  1. conducting consultations by a highly qualified lawyer related to issues of granting a person of Ukrainian citizenship;
  2. assistance in filling out an application, which indicates a request to grant citizenship to an adopted child or an already adopted person who has reached the age of majority;
  3. assisting in collecting a complete set of documents to quickly obtain citizenship;
  4. ensuring the protection of clients’ interests and providing an accompanying at the time of application;
  5. the opportunity to speed up the study of documentation for  granting of Ukrainian citizenship to an adopted adult or minor person;
  6. clarification of legal acts that regulate the entire process of assigning Ukrainian citizenship

Also, in addition to basic services, in the company Eternity Law International you can use the following services:

  1. correct the information specified in the documents issued by the registry office;
  2. registration of residence permit at the place of residence in the city of Kiev and in the region;
  3. registration of an insurance policy for residents of foreign countries;
  4. registration of a certificate of no criminal record;
  5. filling out the documentation in accordance with all the requirements of foreign international forms.

In conclusion, it should be noted that all documents must be drawn up in full compliance with the legislation “On the appropriation of citizenship.” By presidential decree, 27.03.2001, order 215 was adopted, with the title “Issues related to the organization of administrative requirements to the legislation of Ukraine“ On Citizenship ”.

If you do not have enough free time, opportunities to implement this issue, you can always enlist the comprehensive and qualified support of our company’s specialists.

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