Citizenship by the marriage

Conditions of stay in Ukraine are optimal for foreigners. Therefore, many people want to be full members of society in the Ukrainian territory. To do this, everyone who wishes can meet a certain number of requirements and conditions prescribed by the legislative bodies.

The easiest and most effective way to obtain Ukrainian citizenship by marriage is to ally with a citizen (citizen) of Ukraine and draw up a marriage agreement. This procedure will greatly simplify the requirements and speed up the process of obtaining citizenship of Ukraine.

In the usual criteria for obtaining the above citizenship, a person must reside in the territory of Ukraine for more than 5 years.


All the conditions under which you can become a citizen of Ukraine to a foreigner are spell out in the Law on Citizenship. The easiest and most loyal way is marriage. The list of conditions in this case looks like this:

  1. be in agreement with current regulations and laws;
  2. renounce citizenship of another country;
  3. live in Ukraine for about two years;
  4. take permits from immigration authorities for relocation;
  5. know the state language well;
  6. have a material basis for existence (regular income).


A foreigner who plans to obtain Ukrainian citizenship must prepare such documents. The latter are included in the list of obligatory papers for foreign persons:

  1. two copies of statements of desire to become citizens;
  2. 3 photos 3.5 to 4.5;
  3. stateless citizens fill out a paper (declaration) indicating the absence of foreign citizenship;
  4. marriage certificate damaging that a stranger married or married a Ukrainian citizen and has lived in the country for two years;
  5. passport details of a citizen of Ukraine who is in marriage with a foreigner;
  6. paper indicating proper language proficiency;
  7. an excerpt (document) from a bank or a completed tax return stating that a foreigner has means for subsistence.

After collecting the package of documents, they are send to the authorities governing the registration of citizens at the place of residence. In some cases, the paper must be translate into Ukrainian and in the apostille, with additional certification of documents by a notary. These facts must be take into account without fail.


The key condition for obtaining citizenship is staying on the Ukrainian territory for about 2 years. If a foreigner married and lives for about two years, he needs to issue an additional document for a residence permit (residence permit).

The latter can be obtained a year after the marriage. If, upon expiration of a non-permanent residence permit, a foreigner is married to a citizen (citizen) of Ukraine, you can obtain Ukrainian citizenship.


The procedure for obtaining citizenship in Ukraine is a complex, monotonous process, with obligatory and large stages of submission and formation of documents, with various legal subtleties and nuances. Even if you want to independently submit paper, you must go through “fire and water.”

In Ukraine, such state institutions deal with the problems of citizenship:

  1. The State Migration Service (HMS), the Representative Office, the Consulate solve nationality issues, but do not issue such documents;
  2. the decision on citizenship is made by a specialized body in the administration of Ukraine – the organization’s specialists prepare papers, transfer them to the head of state for signature.

The process of registration of citizenship occurs with the filing of the necessary package of documents to the relevant authorities. Specialists of public institutions study the paper, in case of detection of inaccuracies or errors, return the documents before the expiration of 2 weeks for revision or elimination of errors.

Foreigners are given up to 2 months to re-submit papers. If this does not happen – the foreigner needs to re-start the registration procedure. If there are no omissions or inaccuracies in the papers, the papers are send to the district office of the MC, then to the regional and higher authorities.

All institutions check documents throughout the year. After the control and final check, the papers are handed over to the commission under the Presidential Administration. The latter decides whether Ukrainian citizenship will be granted for marriage.


Thus, a foreigner understands how, for how long, and under what conditions it is possible to obtain citizenship by marriage.

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