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Double citizenship

July 17, 2019

Every year you can hear more and more how stable the economic and political situation in the EU countries is, that the standard of living there is much higher. This is the main reason why migrants are striving to Western countries (and not only for work, but also for permanent residence).

European citizenship offers great opportunities and prospects. Here you can successfully conduct business, get a decent education, devote your life to travel.

The latter is especially important, because a European passport allows you to enter many countries under a visa-free regime. Eternity Law International provides specific information on all the benefits of international citizenship, including a list of documents required in order to freely obtain an EU passport.

Benefits of a second citizenship

Having a passport of an EU citizen opens up wide prospects. With such a document in hand, you can use the services of medical and insurance institutions, count on decent social security and protection of your own rights.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to obtain a second citizenship on your own in the current conditions of balancing immigrant flows by the government.

Only if you are well versed in international law and knowing all its subtleties, as well as if you have at least minimal practical skills in this area, you can try to obtain citizenship. There will be an opportunity for free and unimpeded movement in the EU countries.

With an international passport, you can live in any EU country (within 90 days). European education is becoming available. The chances of running a legal profitable business increase.

“Being a citizen of the European Union” is not just legal terminology. This means accepting citizenship of a particular European country.

Thanks to an interstate agreement, the passports of the EU member states are recognized by other countries. This means that such citizenship gives everyone the right to be a citizen of any EU country.

Comfortable living and business conditions, unhindered movement across Europe, visa-free travel to other countries (and there are 120 of them) become available thanks to the second citizenship.

Dual citizenship in Europe

According to international law, a person can have dual citizenship (with the presence of passports from two states). However, there are significant differences in terms of “dual citizenship” and “second citizenship”.

In the first case, a person is a citizen of two states at once. In the second, he acquires another citizenship, renouncing the first. It is noteworthy that dual citizenship is not recognized in Ukraine, and criminal liability has been introduced for violations of the regime.

As for the second citizenship, there are no strict restrictions on this in Ukraine. Constitutional and legislative articles determine the registration of a second citizenship in different ways. However, a Ukrainian passport is not an obstacle to obtaining a second citizenship.

Ways to obtain EU citizenship

The simplest reason for obtaining such citizenship is ethnic ties. If the ancestors were citizens of the EU, it is much easier to become a citizen of that country. But not everyone has foreign ancestors, so it will be useful to learn about alternative methods that will help you get a different passport.

Often, those who ask such a question do not fully understand the very procedure that helps to obtain an EU passport. This process is complex, step-by-step. And the first step to making your dream come true is getting a residence permit.

First, immigrants are granted the right to a temporary residence permit. This makes it possible to live in the country for a limited time. Registration of permanent residence without this step is not possible, so you cannot skip this stage.

An immigrant in a European country can be legalized for the following reasons:

  1. marriage with an EU citizen;
  2. purchase of real estate;
  3. investing in the economy;
  4. starting a business.

Based on the above, we can conclude that by deciding to buy an apartment or house in an EU country, citizenship of this state can be obtained much faster. The same goes for the marriage obligation.

The standard procedure for obtaining citizenship can be measured not in months, but in years. Support from a law firm will help reduce the time.

What documents are needed

Each individual state has its own list of documents that must be provided in order to begin the procedure for obtaining citizenship. But the basic package is the same for everyone:

  1. copy of the passport;
  2. certificate of good conduct;
  3. birth and marriage certificates;
  4. a short autobiography;
  5. medical certificates on the absence of dangerous infections and from the mental dispensary;
  6. blood tests for venous diseases;
  7. photo in the amount of 4 pcs.

In addition, the immigration office may require proof of legal income or real estate. Each document must be translated into the state language of the country and notarized before being submitted for consideration.

Where it is easier to obtain a citizenship

How long and difficult it is to obtain citizenship depends largely on the country. There are states in the EU where this procedure is simplified. It is to these countries that the attention of immigrants is primarily drawn. It can be:

  1. Belgium.The simplification of the procedure is connected, first of all, with the demographic problem of the country – its population is rapidly aging. And the government found a good way out – to attract immigrants. They even created a special regime for entering citizenship – citizenship by investment.Simply put, citizenship can be bought (which is very beneficial for businessmen – they make profitable deposits and thereby open up the possibility of quickly obtaining a passport).
  2. Latvia.
    Here you can become a citizen by purchasing relatively inexpensive housing. An alternative is to open a deposit for several thousand euros. All this gives advantages in obtaining a passport. Moreover, Latvia is very attractive for the Slavs, because there is an understandable language and a similar mentality. This means that it will be comfortable to live in the country.
  3. Czech Republic.
    Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy or even rent a house in Europe. But many people want to get the coveted European citizenship. In this situation, the Czech Republic can be an excellent solution. Here, to obtain citizenship, it is enough to enter a university. It is not so difficult to do this: the choice of institutions is quite large, the cost of education is very reasonable. The country is loyal to students, and this opens up additional prospects (for example, you can easily combine study with work).
  4. Romania.
    In the light of the latest developments in the legislation of this country, it became possible to obtain citizenship in Romania using a simplified scheme. After the country’s accession to the EU, social standards and living conditions have significantly improved here.The country is rapidly moving towards a new level of development – both social and economic (this has begun to actively attract immigrants). Now the system of migration law is being revised here. Therefore, citizenship can be obtained in an expedited manner.

Obtaining EU citizenship is a relevant topic for many today. Legal assistance is needed at all stages of this difficult path, starting from the first steps. Eternity Law International has been on the international market for a long time. She has solidified her reputation as a reliable partner in the field of immigration law.

Our specialists know all the intricacies of the migration process, have colossal practical experience that will speed up legalization in any European country. With us, you can get a passport of your chosen country much faster.

All you need is to contact Eternity Law International. Together, it is much easier to go all the way to obtain citizenship.

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