Company formation for non-residents in Canada

Company formation for non-residents in Canada

Registration of the Ontario General Partnership with the participation of Non-Resident Partners.

The Ontario General Partnership is a form of business registration in Canada that combines the reputational benefits of Canadian jurisdiction with the offshore component, making it beneficial to Non-Resident Partners.

The main aspects of this business structure include:

  • Canada’s authoritative onshore jurisdiction, whitelisted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), with unconditional rule of law;
  • Non-public, closed register of beneficiaries;
  • The Ontario General Partnership is not a separate taxpayer in Canada and is not required to keep records of income and expenses, to report on the calculation and payment of taxes and fees.
  • The Ontario General Partnership registration process is going online.
  • All partners are General and may be Non-Residents of Canada.
  • Remote opening of accounts in the EMERALD Payment System (UK).

This is an excellent solution for almost all the needs of clients interested in starting a Canadian business.

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