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Portugal’s Visa for freelancers

October 16, 2022

Portugal has revealed the conditions for its much awaited EU visa for remote workers, allowing employees earning 4 times the country’s minimum wage to live and operate in the charming European country. Portugal Visa is a perfect opportunity for workers online.

What is a visa for freelancers?

It is the permission that lets you do distant work in any world state. This specific kind of visa enables people to have lawful residence in Portugal, particularly while conducting remote labor.

To obtain a visa in Portugal, candidates have to:

  • be originate from a nation outside of the European Economic Area or European Union;
  • be an independent worker or operate in a corporation that is headquartered outside of Portugal;
  • earn at least 2,750 USD.

Pros and cons of freelance

Anyone considering working overseas must carefully read and adhere to all conditions set forth by their chosen temporary residency. Working on a D7 visa has certain drawbacks in addition to its advantages.

The clear advantage of these services is that you may take a lengthy vacation without having to put your job on hold while still retaining a reliable source of earnings. The majority of places that provide visas for foreign online workers already have the facilities needed to accommodate remote employees, such as fast internet connection.

Being a freelancer necessitates having a remote and adaptable profession. This is crucial for recording in-person hours during time zones that differ. Despite the fact that these professions have increased in frequency since the epidemic, some businesses and employees may find this to be a deal-breaker.

It might be hard to often move from one nation to another. It could also be pricey. Even yet, the price of the permit itself is not taken into consideration. Additionally, if your request for your next location is denied, you could have to rush to locate a new place to live before your current visa expires, forcing you to leave your present country.

Main points of the programme

You can submit a request at the Portuguese SEF or at a Portuguese Consulate in your native country. Candidates must present an agreement about employment, tax residence documents, and proof of profit for the previous three months.

The ability of participants to travel visa-free inside the Schengen Area, which consists of 26 EU member states and authorizes unrestricted movement without border checks, is one of the program’s main selling advantages.

Visa Types for Portugal: D7 vs. Tourist

The duration of staying in the nation is what distinguishes these licenses. You may be able to remain for up to 90 days on a tourist visa, depending on the nation.

D7 visa permits you to prolong your visit for up to a year or longer. If you are a frequent traveler and freelancer, you may choose to register for a tourist visa.

A Portuguese visa is a better option for remotely working people. This will enable you to stay in Portugal for a longer amount of time before deciding to visit another nation.

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