Benefits of being licensed in New Zealand as FSP

Benefits of being licensed in New Zealand as FSP

New Zealand is a preferable business center for FSPs (financial services providers), since it features many benefits over other countries, ensuring low operational expenses and confidence to clients on board. To conduct its activity, New Zealand FSP is obliged to apply for official permission for operation.

Main peculiarities of FSP license

The status of New Zealand as a first-choice jurisdictiοn can be evidenced by the below-listed points:

  • Since the country repealed its banking legislation, hassle-free access to the financial service market is guaranteed.
  • The country features all benefits of all common financial hubs and is regarded as a fair on-shore financial center that is not being put on the black lists of any country or authority worldwide.
  • In the light of current unstable conditions, the country is treated as a secure territory which ensures safety in the long run. There is a democratic parliamentary system of government (adopted model of the Westminster structure) in which operation is stable and transparent.
  • An excellent infrastructure is another advantage of this country, which refers to efficient economical mechanisms, effective telecom services, a well-established aviation sector, and competent employees catering to foreign clientele.
  • As the country is not a part of the European Union, it is not targeted by the EU Directive on taxation of savings income in the form of interest payments and any additional developments.
  • The country holds membership in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the world’s largest international economic organization WTO.
  • It is not deemed by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as a non-cooperative country for tax purposes and has no associations as an offshore zone or tax haven.

Registration of FSP in New Zealand

Recently, the obligations for FSP have been significantly amended. The Registrar of Cοmpanies has imposed a number of terms and conditions on who is eligible to register as an FSP.

Our New Zealand FSP package ensures complete adherence to enforceable rules and provides for a smooth process in obtaining your FSP Registration in New Zealand whilst establishing a local physical presence for a firm. Our services guarantee the successful formation of FSP and ongoing compliance with the regulatory framework.

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