Restoration of Ukrainian citizenship

On the basis of the Law “About Citizenship” Article 10, restoration of civil relations with Ukraine is carried out when:

  1. a person who has withdrawn from the legal position. Who does not have any other citizenship, submits an application for restoration. Then he becomes a citizen of Ukraine, even if he is not within the country, in the absence of the conditions for refusal made in Article 9;
  2. a person who has received foreign citizenship, but decided to return to regular residence. He submits an application in the established form and is drawn up as a citizen in order to restore the legal status in Ukraine. If there is no reason for refusal specified in Article 9.

Individuals with several nationalities must submit a commitment to terminate civil relations with other foreign states.

Foreigners,who have formalized the official social status of resettlement or shelter, must submit a normative legal act on renunciation of their previous citizenship.

After obtaining citizenship within a period of 2 years, persons must submit an obligation of refusal issued by the relevant country for submission to the migration / territorial service of Ukraine.

There are occasions when foreigner, who has all the grounds for issuing a confirmed obligation cannot take a document under the condition of force majeure circumstances that cannot be overcome. Then he prepares and submits to the designated body a normative legal act of the appropriate model.

It is impossible to obtain citizenship for persons if the laws of a foreign country provide for deprivation of legal status. This applies to those people who have received a different citizenship or special social status.

Decisions on the assignment of a legal position are canceled when false documents and information are submitted, or if citizenship was previously acquired with willful deception, Article 21.

The date of granting the status of a Ukrainian is the date of registration of the restoration of citizenship.

A foreigner who has received registration in Ukraine is obliged to return an identity document (passport) to the country whose citizenship he refused. Refugees and those seeking shelter are not required to return their ID to the state.

Required documents for the restoration of legal relations in the country

Stateless persons, or those who previously renounced Ukraine and did not receive another registration, provide:

  1. personal statement of the desire to restore the legal status;
  2. photographs of three pieces with a matte finish (4.5×3.5);
  3. a certificate indicating the period of withdrawal from the status;
  4. normative legal act on the lack of other citizenship.

In case of a previously formalized renunciation of legal relations with Ukraine and obtaining foreign citizenship, and, subsequently, returning to the territory of the country for regular residence, it is necessary to provide for citizenship:

  1. a personal written application on an approved form about the desire to restore citizenship;
  2. photographs of three pieces with a matte finish (4.5×3.5);
  3. certificate of refusal of legal relations with the country, a copy of the document for permanent residence.

Additionally provided:

  1. by foreign citizens: an official statement on the termination of foreign citizenship;
  2. refugees and asylum seekers: a document confirming the legal status and normative act on the termination of relations with the previous state;
  3. in case of automatic deprivation of citizenship, it is sufficient to provide a statement of refusal in the established form.

When restoring the citizenship of children, surrender:

  1. birth certificate (copy);
  2. for adolescents 14-18 years old – a statement of consent to citizenship written in person;
  3. certificate of refusal from legal relations with the country;
  4. statelessness – confirmation (normative – legal act) of the lack of other citizenship;
  5. with the presence of foreign citizenship – a statement of the established form about the termination of relations with another state;
  6. refugees and those who have been granted asylum – a document certifying the existence of this status.

Eternity Law International – legal restoration services

Eternity Law International offers professional services for obtaining citizenship in Ukraine:

  1. collection of all necessary documents;
  2. expediting the review process.

Legal advice and assistance is provided at any stage of the formation of papers to restore the legal status in the home country.

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