Establish Business in Czech

Establish Business in Czech

Foreign enterprises can carry out trading operations, including the purchase of real estate objects, guided by the same conditions as organizations in Czech. To establish business in Czech can be done both as a co-founder and as complete owner; or, organization can become part of existing and functioning structure on the market.

Firms established by non-residents of the Republic, or having the status of a branch, can be opened in four forms. Of these, the most frequently turned to are a.s. – joint-stock, and s.r.o. – OOO. Structure’s name – one of the strict requirements – must have no analogues. If you are thinking about how to open your own company quickly and without significant costs, then you should pay attention to a ready-made company in Czech Republic for sale. This option is most optimal with restricted time to enter the market, with small start-up assets and the dynamism of the market chosen for activity.

Below, we will consider in more detail legal norms for organizations in Czech, conditions and so on.

Main conditions: entry into Republic and institutions where investors should apply

A hot and always active topic for businesspersons from abroad is the issue of visa travel. Entry into Czech for foreign citizens – all relevant conditions and so on – is regulated by Legislative Decree No. 326/1999. These provisions contain all mandatory information regarding entry directly and residents of other countries. Having decided to establish business in Czech Republic, you can familiarize yourself with all these points, which will help you to significantly reduce the likelihood of future risks and unpleasant nuances.

If you finally choose company for sale in Prague for yourself, then you should be ready to address several significant issues. First of all, entrepreneurs should apply to Foreign Investment Association. Organizations that have membership in this Association are entitled to offer a wide range of services on the market, in particular, the following:

  •  support of investment projects;
  • providing advice on dealing with real estate;
  • consulting in environmental and corporate areas;
  • consulting in the field of personnel and audit, and so on.

You can realize your potential in other areas. However, in any case, the most profitable option in terms of conditions and payback will be the option of company with account in Czech Republic.

Verification and regulations of Czech company

State uses its own specially developed mechanism for conducting enterprise inspections. Such is the legislative act No. 34/2021, in the provisions of which the regulation of the field of foreign investment activity is indicated.

The provisions of the law are aimed at non-resident investors who have an ultimate beneficial owner with residence in a non-EU country. The amount of investment, as a rule, is 10% of share in firm – provided organization is open and operates in one of Republic’s substantial sectors – security, internal or civil order, etc. If organization belongs to the military industry or critical manufacturing infrastructure, then an additional special permit from the Ministry will be needed.

Czech is attractive to capital holders from other countries because enterprises in this jurisdiction, opened by non-residents, have minimal risks in their functioning and other operations. The state apparatus is quite loyal to such investments, welcoming and encouraging them in every possible way. Any administrative burden on such entities has been greatly reduced. Thus, a ready-made company for sale is a real chance to quickly and easily become part of a thriving market with excellent internal organization.

Our specialists have vast experience in transactions for the sale of businesses in various jurisdictions, including Czech. The choice is yours – we, in turn, will become a reliable professional support for you at every step of choosing company for sale in Czech Republic and obtaining license.

Contact us at any time. We will help with  with complex professional advice and with choosing a company for your activities.

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