Fintech companies in Ukraine

Fintech companies in Ukraine

Recently, quite a lot of Fintech projects have appeared in Ukraine; they are working to assist in optimizing and simplifying procedures for financial services. Company with financial license in this state is a profitable option even for beginners. The activities of FinTech startups are aimed at discovering commerciality problem areas and creating their own developments that are suitable for solving these problems. Fintech companies in Ukraine are showing rapid expansion, and in this article we will look at why Ukrainian FinTech market is favorable for businesspersons.

Financial company for sale: tendencies in Ukraine

Fintech sphere in this state is constantly replenished with new participants. Foreign businesspersons are investing heavily in the development of Ukrainian Fin structures. Additionally, conferences are organized and held there every year, within the framework of which certain issues of the industry are revealed, innovative solutions and modernized mechanisms are offered that can improve the work of the niche as a whole. In particular, Digital Lending, UAFIN.TECH, Retail Development Business Summit, etc. help entrepreneurs be aware of modern trends.

Association of Innovative Organizations and Fin Projects, whose activities are aimed at all possible assistance in evolution of each financial company in Ukraine, said that more than 50 startups have been launched in country recently. About 43% of them work internationally.

Let’s take a look at a few startups that have become the best in the FinTech industry.

  1. Sport bank

This is a mobile bank that was launched in 2019. People who pay with a Sportsbank receive up to 10% back. They can spend it on sports goods.

  1. Todobank

This is another fintech company in Ukraine from mobile banking field, which appeared on the Ukrainian market at about the same time as the previous one. It’s licensed by the Ukrainian Megabank. Many services are available to the clients of the company, including obtaining cards, which can be done remotely.

  1. Pick&go

With the help of this service, you can conveniently and quickly pay for purchases in supermarkets. Basically, it’s perfect and more functional alternative to GooglePay that was launched about 3 years ago. What’s more, through Pick&go, shoppers can scan goods using their phone, create and correct shopping lists, and pay for everything they purchase in one app.

  1. TurbaPay

Another Fintez newbie. Through Turbapay, you can choose optimal payment solution in a particular situation and get expert consultation on their application. In addition, through the service you can find merchant firms that best suit your capabilities and are able to meet your needs.

  1. Monopay

Platform that is designed to simplify the implementation of monetary transactions and online payments.

Of course, these are not all Fintech startups on Ukrainian market, however, some of them have shown a particularly rapid extension and popularity among consumers.

Ukrainian Fintech is enormously popular for foreign businesspersons. They intend to provide money for them in some way, or even acquire some entirely. In 2016, the German organization Snap became the owner of Fin-startup AI Factory, a developer of a photo editing function with the additional option of converting pictures to video-files.

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