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North Macedonia Citizenship by Investment

January 19, 2023

Balkan-state with a colorful and inspiring look, many rivers and mountains. Everyone would like to go there at least once. Investors who have some funds at their disposal have a certain advantage, since they can not only visit there, but obtain North Macedonia citizenship by investments – very tempting. At now-moment, republican governmental structures are improving and modifying these mechanisms in every feasible ways.

North Macedonia Citizenship by Investment Program

Getting rights of a citizen of a given jurisdiction for endowments to country’s economical field is a very interesting and profitable event for both parties. The investor contributes funds that allow the development of the island, and he/she receives offshore citizenship-rights in North Macedonia: some privileges and advantages for its owner. And voila, everyone wins – island’s economical sphere is rapidly flourishing, and an investor can legally reside in the picturesque space and run his/her own rather profitable commercials locally.

Privileges given by citizenship-for-investment in North Macedonia

  1. Main advantage is state possessing role of key transport route in EU. The holders of the rights of a citizen of this jurisdiction will be able to move loosely in Singapore, Japan and Schengen-zone. They will have visa-on-arrival-access to 125 locations.
  2. For getting opportunities to buy passport North Macedonia, candidates must be of 18-years-aged. Once an applicant has become official-citizen, his/her kids’ll be able to claim for citizenship-rights.
  3. You do not need to speak local-language or reside locally for possessing passports for investments in North Macedonia.

It’s a colorful state having clean air, fairly sumptuous incomes and auspicious taxes. It is easy to register your commercials in this space, and there’s a fairly wide market for highly-skilled labor.

Purchase citizenship in North Macedonia

Participation in North Macedonia citizenship-by-investment-program requires you to provide a contribution of 200,000 or 400,000 euros. Depending on your preference, there are two options:

  • a contribution of at least EUR 200,000 to any Investment-Fund functioning according to law-base;
  • purchase of an object together with 10 other persons, provided that each contributes 400,000 euros (excl. hotel-business objects intended for shops, etc.).

Procedures for getting North Macedonia citizenship-by-investment

Applying requires you first to fill out forms correctly and receive documentation confirming your contribution. You’ll also need birth certificate, marriage certificate (if you have one), police-clearance-certificates, proof of your financial status, and a government-approved funding project buyout document.

As a rule, if requests for North Macedonia citizenship-by-investment are filled correctly and there are no questions from the verification committee, you will be able to collect your identity-document after three months. But if there are inaccuracies, then process may be delayed up to six months.

In order not to worry about the correctness of filling out the documentation and timing of program, use expert services of our qualified professionals. Specialists will help to collect the entire package of papers to obtain citizenship-rights in North Macedonia until issuance of passports. We guarantee we’ll be able to minimize all costs and minimize the time for application-examination, according to existing law-base. Turning to us, you don’t have to worry about being rejected. We will take care of all the nuances!

In addition, we are ready to offer the interested businesspersons plenty of variants for ready-made companies for sale, particularly, Macedonian. Contact us right now in a convenient way for you.

How may I get North Macedonia citizen-rights?

For going it, you must be a member of a special program that allows you to obtain the rights of a citizen for a certain contribution. We will help you understand all nuances of procedure.

What’re cheapest citizenships-by-investment?

Such status can be claimed by several jurisdictions that require the least contribution. In addition to Dominica, this includes Saint Lucia and Antigua.

How long does it take to get Macedonian citizen-rights?

This procedure can take 2-5-months-period in duration. Our experts will help you realize everything you need in the shortest possible time.

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