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Forex license in Panama

July 17, 2023

Are you thinking about opening a business and acquiring an FX license in Panama? It’s crucial to stay updated with the peculiarities of the legal framework, the costs associated with the licensing process, and the rules you will need to adhere to. This guide will provide an overview of Panama’s FX licensing process and its main terms. 

Forex Broker License in Panama: Key Considerations

Panama has been regarded as a hub for the global monetary services sector, and this makes it an attractive option for FX companies. Obtaining an FX broker license in Panama requires compliance with a few key rules.

Firstly, all businesses must have at least one director who is professional as determined by the authority. Secondly, a min. capital of $50,000 must be deposited in the bank account designated by the regulative body. Thirdly, the entity must have local offices and employ at least two full-time employees to manage daily operations.

Overall, these three key obligations provide assurance to investors that FX brokers under local regulation are able to deliver transparent service and guarantee safe trade conditions. As such, a Panamanian FX license is seen as a significant investment for any firm seeking to increase its profile in the global market.

Documentation Needed for a License Application

Getting a FX license is a multifaceted process, and requires a set of papers in order to apply. Below you will find the list of the papers that you need to submit to start the process of getting a Panama Forex trading license:

  • A copy of your valid passport
  • Notarized references from banks and/or businesses where you hold an account
  • A certificate of good standing from the country where you were established prior to setting up operations in Panama (if applicable)
  • A notarized power of attorney empowering an individual/company to act on your behalf as directors and shareholders
  • Overview of business activities
  • Audited financial statements for the preceding two years (if applicable).

Having all these documents ready will help expedite the process, and make sure the licensing runs smoothly. It is also crucial to note that Panama’s Regulatory Authority may request additional information, such as information about business practices and procedures. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for any additional documentation requests.

Process of Applying for an FX License in Panama

Applying for a license is quite simple. The next steps outline the process:

  1. Submitting a request to the regulatory body – Superintendencia de Bancos de Panamá (shortly, SBP).
  2. Filling out an application, along with any supporting papers required by the SBP.
  3. Acquiring a Certificate of Good Standing.
  4. Providing fin. statements showing that the company owns sufficient capital to conduct its operations within.
  5. Acquiring a favorable opinion from the Attorney General’s Office if the company is to operate abroad or if it employs an intermediary that will act as a representative of the company in a foreign country.
  6. Submitting an application fee, which is usually around USD 5,000.
  7. Waiting for feedback from authorities – typically takes up to 3 months for approval, although it can take longer in some cases.
  8. Upon approval, maintaining compliance with current rules and acts in order for license renewal at the end of the term (1-2 years).

Getting a Panama FX license can be done within a few months if all requirements are met and submitted on time. As long as applicants adhere to local law, they can enjoy all the benefits that come with owning an active license such as access to low tax rates and special investment opportunities.

Timeframes to Obtaning an FX License 

Getting a Forex broker license in Panama has a few major steps, and the time will be contingent on how soon you want your business running. Generally, it requires the next steps:

  1. Acquiring Tax ID Number
  2. Forming a Company
  3. Submitting the Documents
  4. Obtaining an Authorization from the Central Bank
  5. Finalizing All Details with the Central Bank
  6. Acquiring Operating License
  7. Applying for the Trading Platform License
  8. Adhering to Other Obligations
  9. Setting up Bank Account

The whole process may take anywhere between 4-11 weeks to complete, contingent on how quickly you can provide the paperwork and other relevant data to the Central Bank of Panama.

Obligations of Panama FX Brokers

Panama is an attractive destination for FX brokers, due to the many advantages it delivers in terms of taxation and state oversight. But when it comes to obtaining a forex license in Panama, there are a number of rules that should be met. They include:

Legal Entity Obligations

A min. capital requirement constitutes an amount of $50,000. The legal entity must be registered under Panama law in order to apply for an FX license.

Regulative Obligations

FX brokers must comply with all regulations set by the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance, which include disclosure obligations, AML measures, and client/investor protection rules.

Record Keeping

Information about clients’ transactions, as well as fin. statements and records of all operations in terms of the business must be stored. They should be made available upon request from SVS.

Reporting Obligations

The broker is required to submit a monthly report on all transactions conducted during that period. An auditor must review them all at least once per year.

Cost of a Forex License in Panama

If you are looking to set up a FX Brokerage, Panama is a great choice as it has one of the lowest costs for an FX License in the world. Though the initial costs may seem expensive, it can be worth it in the long run. The cost of an FX License can vary based on the type of corporate structure and the number of licensees/employees involved. By choosing Panama for your FX firm you could save thousands of dollars compared to other countries and you will benefit from an effective legal mechanism that is both decent and flexible.

The bottom line

An FX license is obligatory for trading in the FX markets and this legit permission efficiently protects the investor. The Panamanian authorities have put in place a number of laws to make sure that brokers adhere to the regulatory frameworks. If you are seeking to set up an FX business, it is crucial to get authorization. The procedure is not overly complicated, and with a good knowledge of the regulations, it is possible to get the permissions in a hassle-free manner. The lawyers of Eternity Law International can provide you a consultation and legal support in obtaining a license.

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