Open a bank account in Poland

Poland is a very perspective country both for traveling and providing services. So we prepared a short guide with the main information for the bank account opening.

Required documents

The requirements differ to the residents and foreigners. If you have Polish citizenship the procedure is fast and simple. You need to check a bank policy before applying for the account opening.

The standardized pack of documents includes:

  1. passport;
  2. proof of residence (utility bills or rental contract);
  3. proof of employment for those, who need to open an account for personal usage.

In case you need a corporate account you should also submit statutory documents of the company.

Some banks allow to submit documents online, so you do not need to come to the department in person. The credit card, bank guarantee or account receipt can be delivered by the courier. Unfortunately, this service is available only for those clients, who are in Poland.

It is worth noting, that non-residents can get a simplified account version. It is called PO Box and it can help you issue documents for the move.

How to choose a bank?

Poland has a variety of local and international banks, so it may be a hard choice for the person who is not familiar with the financial system and current market situation.

We recommend paying attention to the local banks, which are connected with the global networks or have departments abroad. They are considered to be the safest.


A fee is one of the other criteria for choosing an appropriate bank. Be attentive and read the conditions for the account owners. Some institutions are more flexible for business clients, others are loyal for the individuals.

Some banks can take a regular payment for the service of the credit card, no matter is it used or not. An average monthly fee is about 15-20 Zloty. If the price is higher, you should find an alternative institution.

You can ask for the option of the annual service fee. In this case, the money will be taken only once a year, and a final price will be a little bit lower than the sum of monthly contributions.

The other important fees are connected with the commission of money withdrawal and international transfer. So, it is better to outline the priorities and the most frequent operations, and then to seek for a bank with the most attractive conditions.

Our specialists will help you to choose an appropriate bank and to gather the required documents. Please, feel free to contact us for help or additional information.

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