AEMI in UK for sale

UK AEMI since 2011, licensed in all EEA

• The company is MasterCard’s Principal member and VISA issuing
• Awaits JCB’s issuing and acquiring partnership shortly
• PCI DSS Level 1 certified
• Integration on issuing and acquiring
• Safeguarding account with Barclays Bank UK, Railsbank and ClearJunction
• Corporate bank account in Swiss bank
• A contract with CambridgeFX on treasury and FX for 100+ currencies
• A contract for the issuing of 5,000 cards
• Issuing software
• Own payments software with full compliance automation (KYC, KYB, AML)
• Own gateway
• The company has been audited and evaluated on Aug 2019 at 17.3M Euro
• Office for 18 staff in London
• Worldwide-registered trademark
• Upgrade to Small Banking License in UK

Asking price: 📲, Telegram @alexandraa001

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