Offshore company Dominica

The cost of registration 1 415.00 USD
The cost of renewal 1 340.00 USD
Number of Directors 1
Corporate tax 0.00%
Paid up capital  0.00
Requirements for mandatory reporting No

Dominica is a country located in the Caribbean, it occupies only 800 square kilometers. Don’t confuse this country with the Dominican Republic – they are completely different states, with different laws and tax policy. Dominica has not yet reached the same level of fame as Cyprus or Panama, but this offshore area is also growing very fast.


The first advantage of Dominica is the efficiency of registration of the company. The decision on the application is accepted in just 1-2 days, so you don’t have to wait long for a response and the offshore documentation. Besides, the taxation is completely absent on the territory of the state, so you will be able to save on taxes. In addition, there are other benefits:

  • the minimal cost of registration of legal entities and their maintenance, the cost of opening the company is approximately $100;
  • the fee does not depend on the size of the authorized capital;
  • the share capital is necessary to nominate, but the payment is optional;
  • absolute confidentiality and anonymity;
  • no need for mandatory audit;
  • official permission to use the nominee service.

The list of ownership forms of firms which can be registered in Dominica is extensive, but the most common is the international business company (IBC).


Foreign organizations do not pay taxes in Dominica. However, you definitely need to pay an annual fee. The payment is made annually, not later than the date of registration of the legal entity. If you do not complete this requirement within the specified period, the company will be excluded from the Registry. However, the price of duty in Dominica is just $100, so the payment is unlikely to hit the pocket of the owner of the company.

If you were not able to pay the tax, you still can return the company to the Registry quickly and easily. It`s enough to pay off the arrears of fee and fines. However, you will have to change the name of the organization. If you need to use a specific name, you can re-register the legal entity with the same name.

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