Eternity Law International News Top 6 Best Offshore Jurisdictions for Crypto

Top 6 Best Offshore Jurisdictions for Crypto

May 21, 2023

Investing in virtual assets and creating a crypto business can be both successful and challenging. As virtual currencies continue to gain popularity, many investors are looking for ways to minimize their tax liabilities and protect their assets. One solution is to form an entity in crypto tax havens. In this article, we will analyze the best offshore jurisdictions for crypto, highlighting their main peculiarities and legal framework.

1. The Cayman Islands

The financial market of the Cayman Islands functions efficiently and creates a favorable environment for innovation. This country maintains the status of one of the most reliable Fintech centers, and the leading domicile for virtual asset investment funds globally.

Tax considerations

The Cayman government offers a variety of tax incentives for cryptofirms, including exemptions from income taxes in certain circumstances. For example, traders are exempt from income taxing on crypto payments, making it an attractive destination for both legal entities and individuals.

The regulative framework

The country is actively providing a clear and favorable structure for the operation of crypto firms. The Cayman government introduced a new framework for regulating virtual asset service providers (VASPs) in the mid-2020s. The framework implements Financial Action Task Force recommendations on international standards for combating money laundering, terrorism financing, and proliferation that apply to VASPs, defines virtual assets, etc.

2. Mauritius

Another country, Mauritius, a global Fintech hub with a famous tax haven and a growing economy, is a popular choice for launching a cryptoproject. The country has adopted a balanced approach to the regulation of tokens and derivatives, providing a stable framework for participants in the sector.

Tax considerations

Cryptotaxation in Mauritius is favorable. Neither physical persons nor legal entities are required to pay taxes for their operation, although they must pay income tax if they have the status of an actively-operating (in buying/selling) companies or receive payments in tokens.

Regulatory environment

Mauritius has introduced transparent regulations for crypto-businesses, providing clear guidance on how they fit into the existing legal environment. These regulations help protect consumers while promoting innovation in the industry.

3. Seychelles Islands

Seychelles, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, is becoming an increasingly popular hub for crypto projects that plan to do business in places with low/no taxation. Seychelles law provides numerous advantages for offshore businesses, including favorable taxing, confidentiality and asset administration opportunities.

Tax considerations

As a tax haven, Seychelles has numerous tax benefits for firms, including no income tax on profits made from cryptocurrencies. This favorable tax environment has helped attract several major exchanges such as KuCoin to the country.

Regulatory environment

Seychelles is characterized by a favorable and well-regulated business environment in this area. The country’s authorities have worked to create a stable ecosystem for crypto firms, helping to strengthen its reputation as a leading crypto tax haven.

4. Labuan

Labuan, one of the Malaysian federal government territories, has earned a reputation as one of the most cryptocurrency-friendly countries worldwide. The Labuan authorities have taken a proactive approach to creating a well-developed foundation for blockchain technologies, making it an attractive destination for many actors in the sector.

Tax considerations

One of the main reasons why Labuan is a popular tax haven for crypto businesses is its favorable tax regime. While domestic firms are subject to corporate tax, foreign companies can benefit from various tax breaks and incentives, including no tax on profits made from crypto-assets.

Regulative and legal framework

Labuan has introduced a set of rules to govern the crypto industry. These laws provide clear guidance for crypto firms, helping to prevent illicit fund circulation and monetary crimes while fostering an enabling environment for innovation. In Labuan, you can conduct business internationally with a 3% corporate tax rate and on the Malaysian market with a 24% rate. In order to develop a sustainable business, Labuan makes significant efforts to control exchanges and trade in compliance with sufficient AML and KYC criteria. Labuan’s legal framework, combined with a favorable tax regime and government support, make it an ideal place to conduct a crypto business.

5. El Salvador

After the El Salvador Legislature adopted BTC as legal cash in 2021, El Salvador was recorded as the first country to do so.  The country’s progressive approach to digital currency regulation and adoption has made it a popular location for firms in the sector.

Tax considerations

The country’s approach to taxing is good for business because cryptotransactions are not imposed in the same way as other corporate operations. Corp income taxes are levied only when assets are sold, offering additional tax benefits to companies operating in this space.

Regulatory and legal framework

El Salvador has adopted a set of norms governing the crypto field, including AML and tax legislation. Recently the state has enacted legislation to govern the issue of other digital assets by both the state and private businesses. By doing so, the initiative, which has the support of ruling party members close to President Nayib Bukele, aims to attract national and global investors while also generating new financial opportunities for residents, businesses, and the government.

6. The Bahamas

The Bahamas, an island country in the North Atlantic, is another well-known destination for crypto businesses. The Bahamas has no legal restrictions on crypto-related businesses or cryptocurrencies, making it an attractive location for firms operating in this space.

Tax considerations

The Bahamas has numerous tax benefits for foreign firms, including no tax on profits made from cryptocurrencies. This favorable tax environment has helped attract numerous crypto ventures to the islands.

Regulatory environment

The Bahamas is one of the few states in the region that has built a regulative foundation for cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies in terms of crypto banking services. This makes it an appealing option for investors seeking a clear and transparent regulatory environment in which to invest in crypto. Other governments in the region are considering adopting clear legislation for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, following in the footsteps of the Bahamas. The “Digital Assets and Registered Exchanges Bill” was introduced to the Bahamas legislature in December 2020. This bill is a key step toward The Bahamas becoming a leader in the Caribbean area in regulating bitcoin and blockchain technologies.


Deciding on the best offshore jurisdiction for your firm is a vital decision that can greatly affect the success of your entity. Each of the tax havens mentioned above offers unique advantages and legal frameworks for conducting cryptoactivities for commercial purposes. It is crucial to thoroughly consider the goals of your business when deciding on the country that is best for your commercial activity. Remember that the law changes frequently, so always keep up to date with the latest legislative changes in your chosen jurisdiction and, if necessary, consult with an expert.

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