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May 28, 2021

Our company has significant experience in professional legal support of projects based on blockchain technologies and ICOs.

During the existence of the company, our specialists have provided legal services to more than 30 companies whose activities are related to ICO projects, mining, exchanges and cryptocurrency exchangers.

In addition, we helped create legally stable structures for Blockchain development companies.

We have practical experience in dealing with legal problems that companies using blockchain and cryptocurrencies may encounter.

Our firm is an official member of the Crypto Valley independent association. The Association is supported by the government of the Swiss Association, whose activities are aimed at the development and future of cryptography and blockchain technologies.


The specialists of our company understand well the structure of the ICO, as a separate full-fledged functioning complex.

The activities of the program are aimed at stimulating the attraction of financial investments in the field of improving various types of business. It includes several components:

  • qualified team, with a clearly directed vector;
  • a powerful idea to bring to life;
  • a well-thought-out reasoned base for the target distribution of the received financial assets.

Such a device, among other mechanisms, has a legal and financially stable structuring of companies and accounts. In addition, an effective marketing program has been developed.

However, some ready-made ICO cases that are placed by trading platforms may suggest that resources are saved when implementing ICOs at various stages.

This impression rather gives superficial, hasty conclusions, since one should not forget about laws and safety, which can eventually turn into negative consequences for the company.

The structure of the ICO project is divided into four components:

  • technical;
  • legal;
  • marketing;
  • cybersecurity.

It is worth remembering about the main directions of ICO – the implementation of tokens and the design of tokonomics, which occupy a fundamentally important place.


For full concentration on a personal project, it is recommended to use the help of specialists. Our company provides an exhaustive list of services:

  1. Initial consultation. ELI experts will familiarize you with all the nuances and sequence of the first steps, implementation, improvement and maintenance of the ICO. From us, the customer will also receive information related to the ICO execution method and additional opportunities that we can provide.
    ICO execution. Development of a master plan. Our company provides productive ICO consulting, which includes: the formation of a list of events and the implementation of operations in accordance with all points.
  2. We provide an independent general project, monitor the likely force majeure of the project and build an action plan for their regulation. Together with the client, we form and test several options for the course of the case (from extremely negative to completely successful).
    ICO providers. We give basic recommendations when choosing contractors. The customer can enter into cooperation with suppliers provided by our counterparty card index, or include their partners in the ICO plan.
  3. The specialists of our company undertake the obligation to fully control the work of these suppliers – from studying the documentation to accepting the work performed together with you.
  4. The final stage of the ICO. We fix the approved ICO presentation with all the formalities. We guarantee high-quality project supervision, using in practice the author’s unique way.
    A team of ICO plan executors is recruited, including customer representatives, which includes our contractors and delegates. Qualified employees prescribe in detail the Road Map, the regulations for cooperation and filling out the documentation.


  1. We individually approach the processing of each case. We are deeply convinced of the exclusivity and dissimilarity of an ICO project in comparison with other methods of attracting financial investments.
  2. Based on this principle, we start with answers to questions that arise on the business models of tokens, the amount of the required investment, and also calculate the costs.
    ICO management. Eternity Law International has a wealth of experience in the design of activities. You do not have to worry about the quality of the services provided. Our employees have been carrying out unique startups for many years and have the necessary experience.
  3. Service cost. We calculate the price for the work performed on the design and implementation of the project. We are guided by the position to achieve an excellent result and value our reputation, therefore we do not seek to grab an easy catch.
  4. We guarantee an innovative approach to each customer, in terms of calculating payments for our services.

To fully get answers to your questions, contact one of the specialists of Eternity Law International.

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