Real estate investments in Bali

Real estate investments in Bali

Bali is a famous tourist destination. Intending to invest in this jurisdiction in order to obtain a residence permit in the future or just to conduct commercials, now is very profitable; it’s the best time to select the most lucrative options. Real estate investment in Bali, Indonesia is currently a reliable, fast payback source of revenue.

The cost of land and villas here has now decreased. This is due to the global conditions of negative market dynamics due to the pandemic. However, experts say that after the full restoration of the economic situation and the opening of routes for tourists, the price of real estate will rise very quickly – by about 3 times in order to satisfy the increasing demand. Now the asking price is 30-50% less than the pricing policy before Covid-19.

Thus, if you are looking for an investment space, choosing Bali is an excellent long-term profitable endowment. So, let’s consider the top places for investments in Bali.

Seminyak/Petitenget/Umalas for real estate investment in Bali

Chic, prestigious places near Kuta – the cities that are extremely popular in Bali. They’re located near Seminyak and Petitenget plages, as well as haunted lanes of renowned brands, glorious meal and entertainment venues. In these areas, you may buy real estate: it will be located quite close to the popular clubs, which receive more than a thousand visitors every day.

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Fashionable, beautiful, bright, but at the same time a cozy city by the sea for surfers. It’s often referred to as “kampung bule”: it means “foreigners village” because of many foreign citizens worldwide now living in Canggu. There is excellent demand for buildings: prior to coronavirus, cost of real estate in the city was very high. A large number of areas in this city are not very developed; it means that even endeavoring entrepreneurs and capital holders have incredible perspectives. It’s very suitable if you intend to make a real estate purchase in Bali.


It’s the cultural center of the island, a wonderful place that impresses with the variety of services and offers. There are quite a few locals here in comparison with Seminyak and Canggu. The city also impresses with the richness of its landscapes, in particular, with beautiful views of the rice fields. Ubud is mainly chosen by people who like peace and quiet and want to explore the local art and culture. In the central part of Ubud there is a fairly large cluster of fashion names and establishments operating in the welcome industry: boutiques, saloons and more.


It’s a city ideal for anyone investing in Bali property and to be away from Seminyak and Kutahustle’s huddle. People like its calmness and subtlety. Sanur’s many golden sandy beaches, which attracts tourists. There are also interesting shops vending unique products such as local crafts, cafes and other establishments. Sanur is a place far from the bustle: nightclubs are practically non-existent.

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