The difference between stock exchange and exchange: what you need to know?

The difference between stock exchange and exchange: what you need to know?

Surely you have repeatedly wondered what is the difference between stock exchange and exchange. In fact, there are quite a few differences between crypto exchange and stock exchange, in particular, they are structured differently and differ in the principle of interaction with users. The main differences are as follows:

Reliability. The marketplace is a large platform, so its owners pay special attention to the integrity of other participants and the smoothness of operations. With exchanges, the situation is different: the basis for the functioning of such a site is a separate point, which can be closed at any time.
Trading. The exchange does not provide this option, while the stock exchange can be traded.
Owner. The exchange acts as the direct owner of cryptoassets, while the stock exchange only provides a platform for trade interaction and does not directly benefit from the sale of cryptocurrency.
Pricing. In the market, the price is formed by all participants, which guarantees its fairness and balance. In the case of exchanges, the price is determined by the beneficiary.
Stocks. The market is practically unlimited in cryptocurrency reserves, because thousands of traders trade simultaneously. Exchange operators have a very average supply of cryptocurrency.


The main difference between cryptocurrency exchange and stock exchange is the transparency and honesty of all transactions that are carried out within it. Given that bitcoin is completely anonymous, the exchange resource has the ability, for example, to steal user funds. Such a service can change the quote, limit the withdrawal of funds, etc.

Working with the stock exchange, users will never find themselves in such a situation. The main source of profit for the company is commissions, so registered cryptocurrency exchanges are interested in maintaining their reputation and attracting new traders.


An exchange resource can bring serious profit if it is based on automatic data processing. The exchange rate value is generated automatically based on the tariffs offered by crypto-exchanges and other trading platforms. If the movements in the market are large, then you can have time to buy a currency at a lower price or sell it at a higher price.

On stock exchanges, the price is formed only by market participants. The cost of the cryptocurrency is always up-to-date and is the most fair. The difference in the price of buying and selling bitcoin can reach a maximum of several tens of dollars.

The ability to trade

The stock exchange allows you to trade and make money on changes in the exchange rate. The exchange offers only 2 options – sell and buy. At the same time, quotes can differ so significantly that even knowing the market, users cannot profit from the price difference.

Work speed

The main task of a cryptocurrency exchange is to create the most convenient trading conditions for all market users. Every trader appreciates the speed of operations and deal execution. Through the trading platform, the exchange of cryptocurrencies is completed in a few tenths of a second. The withdrawal is regulated by the regulations of payment services, for which money is received instantly.

Stock exchanges take longer to process transactions as you have to wait until your application is reviewed and approved.


The three key benefits of cryptocurrency exchanges are simplicity, interface and usability with fiat cryptocurrency.

Of course, there are scripts and sites that allow you to exchange cryptocurrencies using only the public address and crypto wallet number. However, besides the fact that such operations are risky, their speed will be much lower.

We propose to summarize the above

As mentioned earlier, the crypto exchange differs from stock exchanges in three significant advantages – simplicity, convenience and interface. Of course, do not forget about sites and scripts that make it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies by using only the crypto wallet number and public address. But, such operations are very dangerous and have a low speed.

To get started on stock exchange, you just need to register an account, go through verification and link an address with a wallet. All further interaction with the exchange is very simple and understandable. BTC can be bought in a second, and funds withdrawn in two, unlike an exchange, where for each transaction you need to enter a confirmation key and wallet number.

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