Getting crypto exchange license

Getting crypto exchange license

Popularity and profits of dealing with digital currency are grounded on their anonymity and decentralized mechanism of action. However, many entrepreneurs and consumers are still suspicious of crypto-currencies, since specific legislative regulative basis and rules have only just begun to be developed in relation to this segment. Governmental bodies of countries are aware of how great power of crypto-currencies is, therefore they are trying to develop and implement clearer rules for cryptomarket and structure it. Investors, in turn, are increasingly wondering connected with getting crypto exchange license, because with increase in expansion and circulation of crypto-currencies, there is an increased demand for their exchange and trade.

Why do I need a crypto exchange license

Certified firms are a guarantee clients’ assets will be under reliable, enhanced protection. In addition, in order to obtain a crypto license, enterprises must demonstrate full accordance with global riles and legislative provisions.

European crypto exchange being not officially authorized to operate doesn’t require participants to give too much personal data. However, it becomes an auxiliary factor for fraudsters involved in the illegal circulation of monetary means and the financing of larger criminal operations. It’s one of most significant problems of modern cryptocommunity. Therefore, governmental bodies are trying to take increasingly stringent measures to counter such phenomena.

The development and implementation of AML/KYC policies is perhaps the main step being obligatory for wide use of crypto-currency and popularization of crypto trading. In addition, capital holders and novice traders are increasingly beginning to give their preference to certified trade spaces.

Jurisdictions for obtaining crypto currency exchange license

Despite this segment is rapidly developing and expanding, list of states friendly to crypto-currencies isn’t still wide enough. There are several countries in which it is most profitable to obtain cryptoexchange license:

  • Lithuania. Minimum initial capital is 2.5 thousand euros;
  • Czech. In this jurisdiction, there is no VAT payment from crypto-operations;
  • Great Britain. For getting permission there, businesspersons should launch enterprise, create banking accounts for crypto-transactions and provide evidence that the organization’s activities will fully comply with KYC/AML policies.

An aspiring entrepreneur who wants to work in this area can also turn his/her attention to the United States, New Zealand and Japan. However, it is worth noting each of states has its nuances.

Stages of obtaining license for a crypto exchange

In case businesspersons intend getting cryptocurrency exchange permission, they should consider main steps of such procedure:

  • choice of jurisdiction for the establishment of enterprise and management of it;
  • creation of accounts for corporate purposes;
  • collection of mandatory documentation;
  • payment of mandatory fees and state fees;
  • getting a permit enabling the trade space to function officially for crypto-operations.

License of crypto exchange is key component of success of enterprise, especially considering that we are talking about digital currency. Regardless of how experienced the entrepreneur will be in this segment, obtaining such a permit requires a deep awareness of  legislative frame intricacies of each country.

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