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Advocate assistance in court

January 24, 2020

Any business activity is aimed at making a profit. But often the amount of profit depends directly on how the legal position in the courts effectively and competently is built.

According to the current procedural legislation, the jurisdiction of a particular dispute is determined by the branch of law, its subjects, the territory in which the relationship arose. Therefore, business entities or their legal representatives can become participants in any trial.

Based on the rules of the law, the court may consider disputes arising on the basis of civil, economic, criminal, housing, family, labor relations. At the same time, the courts consider disputes arising both between business entities and individuals.

The Code of Ukraine (section on administrative offenses) stipulates that cases concerning the involvement of persons who are guilty of administrative misconduct are submitted to court.

The economic legislation provides for the consideration of disputes about economic activities.

By correctly determining the jurisdiction of the dispute (which should occur at the initial stage), it is possible to increase the chances of a quick and effective resolution of the case in favor of the plaintiff.

Entrepreneurs can seek professional legal assistance by contacting the lawyers of Eternity Law International. According to the law, only a lawyer can become a legal representative of a person in court, as well as protect an entrepreneur from criminal charges.

Therefore, if you or your company find themselves in a situation where couneragents violate the terms of the current contract, make claims or are themselves investigating, contact the lawyers of Eternity Law International. Our specialists will prepare and support all documentation in court, will take an active part in any court session and become a reliable representative of your interests in a court of any instance.

Depending on the legal sphere, legal disputes can be:

  • civil;
  • household;
  • administrative;
  • criminal.

Advantages of working with us – Lawyer assistance in court

  1. Round-the-clock support.You can contact us with any question at any time of the day. In addition, your lawyer will also be available 24 hours a day. This is the feature of our company.
  2. Assistance in any legal area.We handle any dispute. Our advocates are highly specialized, so while others just begin to study the intricacies of a particular area, we will actively start working and will develop an action plan.
  3. Effective business protection.Advocates operate with a wider range of legal instruments than lawyers. We are ready to do everything to achieve this goal.
  4. Individual representation of the client in courts.Only an advocate can represent a person in court, as well as defend his rights (which we have been doing for many years).
  5. Reimbursement of legal defense costs.This right is granted by procedural legislation. Our specialists will try to competently do everything in their power to exercise this right and reimburse the costs of their clients at the expense of the other party to the dispute.
  6. Advocate secrecy.All our clients are reliably protected and can be sure that information about them will not be disclosed. Also, the information provided, documents, consultations and so on are secret. Access to all of the above is limited and is protected by attorney-client privilege.

QUESTIONS – ANSWERS – Help of advocate in court

Civil disputes

  1. What belongs to the category of civil disputes?This includes, first of all, cases in civil, land, labor, family and other legal relations.
  2. Which courts deal with civil cases?Civil disputes are subject to consideration in local general courts – district, city. In addition, if the plaintiff is not satisfied with the decision, he can apply to the higher courts to reconsider the case and appeal the decision.
  3. Do you need an advocate in a civil dispute and for what?An advocate is always needed, because only he has the right to represent another person, as well as to defend him. The exception is situations where minors are accused or minor disputes are resolved.
  4. Can your advocate be involved at any stage of the case?Yes, our lawyer will be able to skillfully “join” the case at any stage. But it is better to involve a specialist at the very initial stage – even before the case is brought to court. This will make it possible to study the information in detail, negotiate and thus even, possibly, prevent litigation.

In addition, before the transfer of the case to the court, it is necessary to determine its jurisdiction. And only a specialist can do this. The last argument for hiring an advocate immediately, when a dispute arises, is the ignorance of ordinary citizens in such cases. Therefore, there is a possibility that the defendant will not be able to fully exercise his rights, which will lead to defeat.

Business disputes

  1. What relates to economic issues?These are disputes that arise among enterprises, institutions, legal entities that are registered as an entrepreneur.
  2. What courts consider economic disputes?Such disputes are subject to consideration in local economic courts. Then you can contact the higher authorities.
  3. Is the state duty paid when considering an economic dispute?The court fee is mandatory. The size and order are established by law.
  4. Do I need a lawyer in a commercial dispute?A litigant can defend himself. But it’s still better to use the services of a professional.
  5. What will the participation of a lawyer give?Only with the knowledge of the intricacies of the process and the case, you can count on a successful outcome of the dispute. Our advocate will help to recover legal costs by making the opponent responsible.

Administrative disputes

  1. What are administrative disputes?These are disputes in which individuals and legal entities defend their rights and interests against the actions / inaction of state authorities, local self-government, etc.
  2. Can cases on bringing a person to administrative responsibility for committing administrative offenses be referred to an administrative dispute? (for example, when a driver’s license was revoked) Do you handle such cases?Such cases are really close in essence. But they do not in any way belong to the category of administrative disputes. The fact is that such issues are subject to consideration not only by the court, but also by other authorized bodies. Our lawyers deal with such cases and are ready to gladly help everyone who needs protection (including under articles related to driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol).
  3. What peculiarities can there be in cases considered by an administrative court?Indeed, there are such features. Take, for example, cases of wrongfulness of a decision, actions or inaction of a subject of power. Such obligations to prove the legality of the decision are assigned to the defendants.
  4. Are there deadlines for going to the administrative court?Yes, there are such deadlines, namely: six months from the moment when the person learned that his rights were being violated. It is possible to restore these terms, but only if there are good reasons for this.

Criminal proceedings

  1. I am a witness in the case, but I know nothing about the crime itself. Can I not come for interrogation?Even if you do not know anything about the case, you must be present during the interrogation. With any communication, law enforcement officers can find out useful information regarding the subject of the investigation.
  2. I was called as a witness for questioning about my treatment of a patient. Is it necessary to disclose information to the investigator about the patient’s illness, because there is also a medical secret?According to the law, health workers  cannot act as witnesses during interrogations. This information is a medical secret, not subject to disclosure.
  3. I was robbed and I wrote a statement to the police. A month has passed, but everything stands still. How to be?Within 24 hours, your appeal should have been entered into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations and an investigation should have been initiated. You must be notified of the results of the consideration of the application. It also provides information on who is investigating. You have right to get acquainted with the materials of the case on your application.
  4. As a witness, I was summoned for telephone interrogation. At the same time, the investigator who called was rude and threatened. Where can you write a complaint about it?Contact your senior management or prosecutor’s office.
  5. I received the summons for interrogation after the appointed date had passed. Will I be charged now for not showing up?By law, the summons had to be delivered no later than three days before the interrogation. Therefore, if the date of receipt of the summons is indicated, no one can hold you accountable for failure to appear. To get a consultation.

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