Crypto exchange in Nigeria

Crypto exchange in Nigeria

In May 2022, Nigeria officially adopted a law on the regulation of cryptographic means. Today, registration of a structure such as crypto exchange in Nigeria is a new phenomenon for business owners, however, this allows local regulators to fully license this activity, and allows companies to operate in accordance with certain laws and regulations. Below, we’ll try to answer: do cryptoexchanges need to be registered?

Creating crypto exchange in Nigeria from the scratch

  1. Thus, how do I start cryptoexchange in Nigeria? Initial step in order to legally run business locally is to register with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Body regulates the establishment and management of firms in the jurisdiction.
  2. Next, you need to fill out the appropriate form, where you must specify the email, corporate phone number of the company, company name, website and address.
  3. Further, from the proposed areas of activity, you need to choose the direction in which the company will offer its services and develop. This could be a fund management company, a crypto exchange, a financial management consulting firm, etc.

In addition, Nigeria’s crypto company must comply with all the rules of crypto service providers.

Businesses for sale in Nigeria

Provision of proof of paid-in capital

The owner of cryptoexchange in Nigeria must prove that he owns a minimum paid-in capital (approximately $113,000). This amount includes bank accounts, principal and money invested in securities.

In addition, cryptolicense Nigeria requires insurance coverage of at least 25% of the minimum paid-in capital. The Regulatory Commission has the right at any time to impose additional requirements regarding the financial security and turnover of the company, or to require any documentation.

Requirements for company employees under license for crypto activity Nigeria

  1. It is necessary to provide copies of documents of officials, one of which must be listed as a compliance officer.
  2. Persons holding managing positions must provide evidence of at least four years of work experience in this field.

In accordance with cryptocurrency regulation in Nigeria, firms also need to demonstrate following data:

  • name and address of subsidiaries, type of company and the percentage of the shareholder’s share in the business;
  • 2 copies of the current or proposed rules of the company;
  • crypto license Nigeria requires a short history of the firm, the structure of the organization and shareholders, the main members and data on past and future work;
  • data on board members and founders;
  • certificates of payment for shares held by shareholders;
  • instructions for checking the work of company members;
  • a copy of data on commercial objects.

In addition, to get crypto license in Nigeria, businesspersons will need to provide a business plan, a bank statement, copies of personnel policies and procedures, a company Statute and other corporate documents. The regulator may request an additional package of papers, if necessary. An application for registration of crypto-currency exchange in Nigeria will be valid only after submission of all required documents and provision of required data.

Thus, are cryptoexchanges legal in Nigeria? Definitely, yes. With the introduction and entry into force of the new SEC directive, the authorities of the jurisdiction want to provide greater and complete control over firms that work with crypto-currencies. If you intend to open crypto exchanges in Nigeria, and do not know all nuances and are afraid to face a lot of problems, contact our specialists. Our team are professionals in field of making cryptocurrency trading legal in Nigeria; we’ve been dealing with opening of crypto-companies in various jurisdictions for more than a year, and who know all the pitfalls of this process. We will help you create a legal company with minimal investment in the shortest possible time, and we can also offer an extensive selection of ready-made companies for sale.

Is a license required to trade crypto-currencies in Nigeria?

To conduct trading operations with crypto-currencies in Nigeria, individuals need to open an account on a crypto-exchange. If entrepreneur intends to provide certain services related to crypto-currencies, then a special permit must be obtained.

Do I need to pay tax on crypto profits?

In most cases, profits earned from transactions with crypto-currencies are taxed. However, it is better to discuss this issue with a professional expert, in which we are ready to help you.

Is crypto-currency available in Nigeria?

Yes. Crypto-currency can be purchased for personal use, or to start cryptobusiness.

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