Bonny Light Crude Oil for sale

Bonny Light Crude Oil is on sale that meets international quality standards. The product is offered for export by the National Petroleum Corporation of the State of Nigeria. The specific weight of the offered products is 35.7.

Maximum density at a given value of degrees Cg-Cm: 0.45

Maximum sulfur content in a product WT, PCT: 0.14

Product color: dark brown

Salt content of PTB at 10% of the number of barrels of salt water: 47 max

The number of milligrams of caustic potassium required to neutralize one gram of petroleum product: 0.49

Maximum Reid Vapor: 6.25

The proportion of water and mud content in the oil product: 0.2%

Maximum PCT: 1.0

Iton WT, PPM is 1.0

Fraction of vanadium WT, PPM: 2.0

Nickel, PPM: 4.04

Quantity of product: it is planned to supply a minimum of two million barrels in one batch. You are given the opportunity to perform multiple shipments and receive the following:

  • Diesel fuel quality Euro 4
  • Diesel fuel quality Euro 5
  • Diesel fuel D2 (AGO)
  • Class A1 and A2 reactive fuel fluid
  • Bitumen
  • Crota
  • Low grade lubricant petroleum material
  • Gas for household use
  • Kerosene

This offer is in great demand because the exporter NNPC oversees the petroleum industry of one of the world’s top, albeit politically turbulent, oil-producing countries. NNPC produces oil through controlling partnerships with major world oil companies. The company has four refineries, in Port Harcourt (2), Warri, and Haduna) with a nominal total capacity of 445,000 barrels per day (although disrepair and lack of investment have severely curtailed functional capacity).

Asking price: on request

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