Indonesian broker-dealer company for sale

Indonesian broker-dealer company for sale

License type: the company has the right to provide broker-dealer services.

Established: 5+ years ago.

Licensed: 4+ years ago.

Head office location: Indonesia territory.

Banking Institution: the company has an active account with a local banking institution.

Availability of MT4 or other systems: not mentioned.

Capital: TBC.

Current status of the company: the company is currently active and conducts a minimum number of transactions. The history of the company is clean. There are no unresolved or open disputes of a legal nature.

Permitted activities: the company has the official right to trade products on the capital market, conclude foreign exchange contracts for the purpose of trading foreign currency with leverage. The company can also enter into over-the-counter derivatives contracts.

Company personnel: <10 people.

Annual Renewal Amount & Maintenance cost on a monthly basis: TBC.

Additional details: excellent reputation.

For details: / Telegram @juliazhil

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