API in Malta for sale

API in Malta for sale

This is an API in Malta for sale; the license was granted by MFSA 2+ years ago.

Overview of the API for sale

The authorized payment institution in Malta for sale has the following authorizations:

  1. Depositing cash in an appropriate payment account and any transactions necessary to work with a payment account;
  2. Withdrawing cash from an appropriate payment account and any transactions necessary to work with a payment account.
  3. Operational and closely related additional services such as currency exchange, transactions, data processing and storage.
  4. Operation of payment systems.
  5. Conducting payment transactions of any type: direct debit, in particular, direct debit of a one-off nature and payment transactions executed by means of a payment card or other device with a similar operating principle.

The API for sale is fully certified in the United Kingdom and in Europe. It comes for sale with the following:

  • SEPA connection is available;
  • Active corporate and security account with a local bank in place.
  • Inactive BIC code in place.
  • Small corporate client base, (clients use acquiring services at the moment).
  • Software designed for acquiring in place;
  • Initial capital is covered in the transaction.

Asking price – subject to the negotiations.

Details: e-mail: nick.b@eternitylaw.com / Telegram: @beihuln

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