Financial institution in Indonesia for sale

Financial institution in Indonesia for sale

Below you can see the basic information regarding the financial institution in Indonesia for sale

Financial institution in Indonesia – whats included:

  • Modern payment ecosystem;
  • Payment service provider, category 1;
  • E-money issuer, acquirer, payment gateway, e-wallet, transfer of funds, payment to merchant, cash withdrawal, digital banking etc;
  • The company has a big amount of partners: investors, banks, payment systems;
  • Institution was formed to create an integrated financial system for banks in the form of Digital BRPs and Digital Cooperatives;
  • API payment integration, apps;
  • Detailed business model with plan development road map;
  • A large number of payment solutions, opportunities and prospects for the future.

You can buy financial institution in Indonesia and start your business as soon as possible.

Asking price: on a request.

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