Ready-made company in Indonesia

What is included:

  • Ready-made company in Indonesia;
  • bank account for the company.

When creating a company in Indonesia, you need to know the legislative framework of the state and not forget about the local, colorful customs of the inhabitants of the country. We will help you quickly answer all your questions about opening a company in this country.


Before starting a personal file in Indonesia, you must familiarize yourself with the law. In the country, there are three main types of activities:

  • individual entrepreneurship;
  • municipal;
  • state.

Individual entrepreneurship occupies a large niche in the segment and is the most profitable. Most often they are engaged in areas in the tourism, restaurant, transport and construction business.

Obtaining an additional license may be required with the narrow specialization of the company.

It is problematic to independently register a business in Indonesia; you need to understand the specifics of this procedure. Our company’s specialists will help to collect the necessary package of documents and provide assistance and legal support at all stages.


Obtaining permission to conduct business will be possible after two months from the date of filing. The registration steps include the following items:

  • the name of the company must be registered with the Ministry of Justice, it must be unique and not offensive. The name goes through a very serious test;
  • fill out a standard application form;
  • provide a passport with registration, a document confirming the creation of the company, its charter, a description of the type of activity, an agreement with shareholders;
  • the presence in any bank of the country of an official account with an authorized capital of at least $ 10,000;

Taxes on the territory of the country provide a 25% fee on the amount of income. However, there is no value added tax, currency control and stamp duty.


According to the requirements of local legislation, a director can be a legal entity, while his data is torn off to local agents and entered into an open registry. The secretary must be a resident, and it can also be legal. face. Its presence is required.


Submission of reports on the activities of the company is required as well as its audit, the data of which is present in the open registry.

Business representatives from the CIS countries and other countries can easily register a company in Indonesia. Our company will be happy to help with this. We will provide full legal support: from consulting to setting up a company in Indonesia.

Eternity Law International specialists will provide company registration services in many parts of the world. We have experienced and qualified lawyers who can advise and help with the registration of a company in Indonesia.

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