Eternity Law International News Basic Grounds and Requirements for Getting Forex Licenses

Basic Grounds and Requirements for Getting Forex Licenses

June 15, 2022

Today, activities of such market representatives as Forex brokers are extremely common; however, brokerage structures don’t have legal right to officially work with traders’ transactions without getting Forex licenses. Traders try not to deal with unlicensed organizations as their operations are considered unsafe and outside the legal limits.

Risk is a noble cause, and in relation to fiscal system in general and FX space in particular, it is also very profitable. However, in addition to knowledge about Forex itself, a business owner also needs to have an idea about the legal regulation of this area. At the same time, this business is very often conducted through foreign companies for various reasons: lower cost of starting a business, ease of administration, image aspects, and focus on more active international integration.

Jurisdictions with Most Favorable Frame for Getting Forex Licenses

Permit allows broker-dealers to buy, sell and trade investment instruments, among a range of different instruments. Forex licenses also proffers brokers possibility to manage clients’ investment portfolios. Licensed forex organizations are trusted by high net worth traders and clients who want to make sure their assets are protected.

  1. Category A countries: USA and Switzerland. Providing ways to a list of reliable and honored traders in worldwide community, FX licensed permits in these states are most sought after. Mentioned jurisdictions are expensive enough and put forward most rigorous demands for licensees. Min actives of an American FX brokers is $20 000 000. Getting a permission takes 1-2 years.
  2. B-category: Britain and Australia. They are less demanding on capital and accounts. Min capital in Britain, for example, acts as 100 000 dollars, and permit issuance takes about 1 year; Forex license price ranges from 22 to 50 thousand dollars.
  3. Category C States: Cyprus, New Zealand and Malta.
  4. Category D: Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Vanuatu. Category C and D countries are popular with FX brokerage structures because they’re affordable issuance of activity permits.

Basic Demands for Obtaining a Forex License

Let’s be transparent about regulated brokers essence and Forex licensing process. Main demands for FX organizations conducting are:

  • preparation of corporative documentation;
  • enterprise registration as active commercial project;
  • nationally set fee;
  • drawing up commercial models;
  • establishing AML/KYC strategies;
  • creating a corporative banking account;
  • trading accounts initiation;
  • filing an application with jurisdiction regulative authority.

Complementary costs accompanying getting a Forex license include:

  • accounting representatives;
  • office rent;
  • wage;
  • extra bank accounts;
  • creating and designing a web resource and developing appropriate corporate policies for using the site, particularly, Terms, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy (according to GDPR and the requirements put forward by the payment system provider).

Eternity Law International specialists understand all the intricacies and nuances of structuring and functioning of FX market in different states. We offer comprehensive legal approach for getting Forex licensed permissions and establishing turnkey organizations. Individual Forex license solutions are developed for each client, taking into account the initial budget, commercial plans and other aspects.

Contact our specialists as convinient if you are interested in setting Forex organization in specific jurisdiction.

You also can view other offers in ready-made companies and licenses for sale categories.

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