Benefits of choosing Switzerland for doing business

Benefits of choosing Switzerland for doing business

Today, choosing a place to do business is one of the most important points in a competitive economy.

We propose to consider such a jurisdiction as Switzerland. This country is on the market as one of the most developed jurisdictions and with a unique territory with many advantages for entrepreneurs. Switzerland has a strategic position for logistics and business operations. Switzerland also has access to the European market without facing the regulatory shortcomings of the EU.

Banking and financial services

Highly competitive policy, credibility and experience of Swiss financial and banking services determine the financial stability of the country, which makes it a good option for doing business not only national but is an attractive aspect for many foreign investors.

What challenges should I consider when expanding to Switzerland?

The corporate tax rate varies from 12% to 18.2% . Tariffs vary depending on the canton in which the company is located.

Corporate Tax in Switzerland

Comparison between select Cantons

(% of net income)

CantonCapital CityCanton & Municipality


Types of business entities

There are many types of legal entities in Switzerland, but the most commonly used are Aktiensesellschaft (AG – German version of Switzerland, SA – French version of Switzerland) – public company and Gesellschaft mit baschranker Haftung (GmbH – in German, Sarl – in French) – limited company. responsibility.

Also Switzerland has different licenses depending on the type of activity in the field of finance and cryptocurrency. The minimum for all financial intermediaries is membership in the SRO self-regulatory organization (Anti-Money Laundering Act). FINMA license as directly subordinated financial intermediaries.

Business registration

Company registration time is fast, about 1-4 weeks. During this time, you have to register with the trade register, with the tax authorities, as well as register with various authorities, etc. But you can speed up this process, namely there is an opportunity to purchase a ready-made company in Switzerland, which is already ready to work. Ready-made companies are a great way to quickly start a business, in addition, with a ready-made company, you gain credibility, investor confidence and a reliable tool for raising capital and investing.

This is a highly regulated market. Although the Swiss economy is intertwined with the EU, there are rules and compliance requirements that are unique to the market and may not always meet EU standards. The high costs of employment and property should also be taken into account.

The problems of activity in the new country are often frightening – regulations are constantly changing, and no business landscape remains static. Without a full understanding of current issues, companies are subject to punishment and even the prospect of civil or criminal litigation.

If you are planning to do business in Switzerland, it is very important to have an experienced partner with a global scale with a global footprint. With a worldwide network of in-country experts, Eternity Law International will make sure your local needs are met, accurately, and on time.

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