Licensed EU Crypto Exchange Company with Bank Account

For sale is the crypto exchange company who is holding 2 EU licenses for cryptocurrency business – exchange and wallet. These licenses provide the legal rights to sell, trade and/or store digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Etherum ect. There are included providers of a service of exchanging a virtual (crypto) currency against a fiat currency. The licenses are termless.

These licenses require a mandatory compliance/AML officer to monitor the transactions of the company. With this company comes a local compliance officer who has passed an interview with the regulator.

This company has no transaction history, so it is a good fit for launching a project in the crypto space. Also this one has Bank & Regulator Approved AML/KYC Compliance Operating procedures.

The company comes with a corporate payment account in one of the best crypto-friendly payment solutions, which is based and licensed in the EU (EMI licensed). 

Transfer process: after agreement signed and deposit of 15% is made, we submit an application to the regulator for changes in the licensed company. Will need criminal records of the new shareholders/directors (also 1 person can be the director and shareholder).

Criminal record: as you are an Estonian citizen, a criminal record is not necessary.

We have a strongly advice to use natural person as a shareholder, that will make the transfer process a lot faster and smoother. From our experience we have had refusals of takeover from the regulator when using a corporate shareholder.

This offer is really in great demand so you can’t lose you chance to buy it!

For details: / Telegram @juliazhil

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